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JAVOedge_Aug142008_0005Review: JAVOedge Leather Side Pouch
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I have had the privilege to take a look at JAVOedge’s two newest products in the BlackBerry line for the past couple of weeks now, this review focuses on the leather side pouch. A full review of the Leather Case for the 83XX will follow shortly. If you have never heard of the JAVOedge brand before, they are a company that focuses their product line on high quality affordable products for your mobile lifestyle.

I want to start off by saying that this case is a great bargain. There are cases out there for more than double this amount that do not hold a candle to this unit. For a few cents short of $22 bucks you cannot go wrong. And for a limited time, you can pick up this case plus 4 JAVOedge microswipes for $23.71. This is a savings of $4.19.

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The Review Unit

The unit that I was sent is a multi device product, it fits the 83XX, 87XX and 88XX devices. I have had both a Curve and an 8830 inside the pouch, and the case seems like it was designed with each phone in mind. The packaging is not the most exotic I have seen, yet not the cheapest either. I sometimes wonder how much of the price of items is inflated by fancy packaging. This is probably one of the ways JAVOedge keeps costs down.

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The case is quality corporate black leather, with a stripe of heavy duty textured fabric running down the middle of the case. My favorite aspect of this case has got to be the unique design of the flap, it is curved and tapered towards the bottom giving it an elegant look and a good feel. On the back of the unit is one of the nicest ratcheting belt clips I have seen. The clip swivels 180 degrees. It has an incredibly strong feel and is very quiet when ratcheting. Nothing like most of the “click click click” clips seen on other cases.

The case stays shut with a hidden magnet on the flap and one on the front of the case. I much prefer this to the magnets that can be seen, it gives the case a much cleaner look. I also like that the magnet on the flap “finds” the magnet on the front of the case. There is no moving the flap around to get it closed correctly as with some other cases I have used.

The case also features built-in proximity sensors, so you don’t have to worry about losing the functionality of your holstered alert settings. You do however have to have the device with the screen facing the front of the case for the proximity sensors to work (only with the 88XX devices) on the Curve, the proximity sensors work regardless of the way it is inserted. This was a small issue for me as I had to flip my Berry around before I could look at the screen, an insignificant complaint.

Javoedge_Aug182008_0028 javoedge_Aug182008_0032

The sides of the case feature elastic, making it easy to slide your device in and out with ease. The inside of the case is also very nice. Made with high quality and incredibly soft fabric, it is sure to never scratch the screen or body of your device. There is a large cutout on the bottom of the case, perfect for pushing the BlackBerry out of the case, there are also cutouts on the bottom corners, not sure what they are there for, but they look sexy. My biggest complaint about this case is that you cannot charge your BlackBerry with this case on, again not a big complaint, but one nevertheless.


  • Price!!!
  • Quality Leather
  • Stylish
  • Wonderful ratcheting belt clip
  • Streamlined look
  • Fits multiple devices


  • You cannot charge your device while it is in the case
  • Screen must be facing away from you for the proximity sensor to work


This is a wonderful case, when you factor in the price of the case, it can’t be beat. It does seem to be designed a little more around the Curve than it is the 88XX, but I suppose that is understandable. If there had been a way to charge my device with the case on, this would have been an Editor’s Choice for sure!

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