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editors-choice-small Review: JAVOedge Leather Case for Curve
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I did a review on the JAVOedge Leater Side Pouch before, and I promised that there would be a review on the Leather Case for the Curve to come! So for your consideration I present this review to you.

JAVOedge has really out done themselves with their latest line of products. This beautiful leather case for the BlackBerry Curve is no exception. The product itself, as usual from JAVOedge, is an incredible deal at $19.95 plus shipping. You can’t beat 20 bucks for a great leather case.

JAVOedge_Aug142008_0011 JAVOedge_Aug142008_0014

The case features premium black leather, form fitted to hold your Curve perfectly. Unlike the side holster, this case is not universal (sorry 88XX guys!). The case features full cutouts for the screen, keyboard, camera and all the ports on the device. There is no plastic cover for the screen, so I would recommend picking up a screen protector if you decide to go with this case. JAVOedge also sells these, as well as a slew of other companies.

The great thing about this case is that the belt clip is removable. The case initially comes with a screw in the back. and the belt clip in a separate baggy. Simply unscrew the screw, and twist on the clip adapter and you are good to go.

JAVOedge_Aug142008_0020 JAVOedge_Aug142008_0026

This case is great for protecting your Curve against scrapes and bumps. I know quite a few people who have had issues with the rubber molding coming off of the sides of their Curve, and this case will definitely help prevent that.

Your BlackBerry slides into the case, and a snap button strap holds it securely in place. It really does feel as if there is nothing added to the device once you get used to it. The leather, once broken in, feels great in your hands.

I also really like the material on the back of the case, its kind of a mesh like feel. It looks amazing and feels neat too! As with all real leather products, this case does take a couple of days to break in, so if you are not happy with the feel immediately, remember that it will soften/loosen up dramatically in a short amount of time!

JAVOedge_Aug142008_0023 JAVOedge_Aug142008_0027


  • Great price & quality
  • Feels great in your hand
  • Optional belt clip


  • None!

Summary: This is a super product. If you don’t need the functionality of a proximity sensor, I would say its a great pick! Especially considering the price. If this is something that you are interested in, head on over to JAVOedge and pick one up!

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  1. The belt clip looks exactly like that of some other cases I’ve owned, and I’ve always managed to break them. Plastic belt clips are bad.

  2. Neat idea, but bad execution. Have used it off and on for a couple of weeks and the mesh material on the back of the case has stretched significantly. Because the belt clip attaches to it, the whole case and phone now dangle loosely far off my hip. Not practical or attractive.
    As a side note, I bought a JAVOedge charger at the same time and it’s defective as well. It doesn’t charge the phone.
    Maybe I just had a bad run of luck with them, but their track record is 0 for 2 with me

    • As an update, I called the manufacturer and they replaced the case and the charger. This case seems to be better made and is holding up fine. The charger, on the other hand, never worked

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