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At BerryReview you will find the most up to date information on how to maximize your BlackBerry Device. Whether it be from usage to third party applications, the BerryReview Team is dedicated to helping BlackBerry users in all aspects of BlackBerry use. If you want us to contact you please send us an email using the Contact Us page.

We are constantly looking for new things to try out (Its one of our many faults). If you have any suggestions or anything you would like us to review feel free to contact us using the contact us page or by emailing [email protected]

The BerryReview Team

“Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.” ~E. L. Doctorow 1931

BerryReview is an online magazine run by a team of dedicated BlackBerry users who have an opinion about everything. All of us are on a quest to squeeze the ultimate potential and enjoyment from our favorite device.

Ronen Halevy – Founder & Editor in Chief


Ronen Halevy is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of BerryReview.com which he started in 2007. Since his first experience using a Commadore 64 he has been obsessed with technology. That passion is currently channeled into delivery the latest BlackBerry and mobile news and reviews on BerryReview. Find him on Twitter @RonenHalevy.

Ronen is an avid BlackBerry addict who must always have the latest and greatest toys. His goal in creating BerryReview.com was to force others to listen to opinions create a site which caters both to the casual & hardcore BlackBerry user base. Ronen has owned and used practically every BlackBerry device that has been released since 2005. He is a great ‘boss’ and extremely easy going and his dedication and hard work to giving our readers the ultimate in BlackBerry news and reviews is admirable to say the least. He’s the guy that started it all here off the couch in his tiny Manhattan apartment.

Greg_sunset Greg Myers – Senior Editor

Greg is writing from Perth, Western Australia. He has lived there all his life but has done a bit of travel overseas (Mostly US). Greg has always been addicted to gadgets and gizmos as far back as he can remember. Greg is an an Electrician by trade and his current job is research, development and service manager for a local automation company. Greg has owned every model of mobile phone ever released in Australia (and a few that haven’t been). He got recommended to the BlackBerry by a friend of his that owns a mobile phone shop after he got fed up with a new Nokia N95 he had just purchased. Prior to owning a BlackBerry Greg would change handsets fortnightly because of dissatisfaction with any product. Greg is also a moderator on Crackberry.com.au and spends so much of his time there helping others out. He is an all around super great guy and we love him to death. What’s one thing you’d be surprised to know about Greg? He loves to sing and do famous pop-star impersonations.

brt-luc-01Luciano ES – Senior Editor

Luc is a Brazilian ‘cranky bastard’ with a strong penchant for technology and an opinion on just about everything. Before meeting the BlackBerry, he used some server-side scripting skills to deliver e-mail to his phone over SMS. It was a rather lame solution, but that was not his fault. His server-side solution was awesome, the other phones weren’t up to snuff. Luc always dismissed the BlackBerry for being too expensive until one day when he was roaming aimlessly in a mall and stopped by a cell phone carrier authorized dealer stand. The BlackBerry was the only model he had never bothered to try before and he was bored on that day, so he thought “what the hell” and took a BlackBerry Pearl in his hands. And fell in love with it. But ended up buying a Curve. Luc rarely ever stops by cell phone stores anymore. Luc is certainly not the bland type, most people end up admiring him or hating his guts for saying what he really thinks and exposing a couple of unpleasant details in the process. Luc’s specialty is testing products and writing detailed reviews about them in a way that no one else from the BR team can. He is also great at proofing our posts, as he doesn’t miss a thing!

brt-luis Luis – Editor

Luis is a good looking Latino with a heart of gold. He’s always out and about finding us the latest BlackBerry news from all over. He’s also an avid theme lover as well as amateur theme designer. One of the great things about Luis is he’s not afraid to test out any products on his BlackBerry…always ready for a new experience. Luis is lots of fun and a great asset to our BR team.

vicky Vicky – Editor

Vicky broke her BlackBerry virginity in July of 2007 with her very first 8700. It was true love ever since. Always a fan of BerryReview, she started writing for the site in April 2008 thanks to Ronen (and the rest of the team) taking a chance on her. It’s no accident that she has become our resident ‘theme guru’. With over 20 years in the graphic design/advertising industry, we think (ok, she thinks) she has an ‘eye’ for what the majority of people like visually. That may not always be the case but she likes scoping out new and interesting theme designs out there and is a theme junkie herself…literally changing her themes on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. That aside, she loves being a part of the BR team and considers us her family.

homer-149x180Remzi – Associate Editor

Sems is ‘The Guru’ with all things technical and our ‘Go-To’ guy when we have a question that needs his technical expertise. We don’t know what we would do without him so we are never letting him go. Sort of like the Mafia, once you’re in…you’re never getting out. With that in mind, the rest of us at BerryReview will go at all lengths to make sure he sticks around as he is a wonderful asset to our team.

yoda-2-180x135JohnnyB – Associate Editor

Another technical guru but much nicer than Sems (just kidding) is JohnnyB. He’s our RIM go to guy and a real great guy all around. We appreciate all he’s done for us while part of the team and would miss him if he weren’t around. He’s another one who we’re never letting go of.

brt-nate-135x180Nate –  Associate Editor

Nate’s a bit of a smart a** but we love him anyway. He most certainly knows his stuff when it comes to computers, BlackBerry devices and anything that requires some kind of technical knowledge. For those of us technical idiots, he can sometimes talk over our head but that is what makes him so special.

brt-summer-122x180Summer – Associate Editor

Don’t let the light and sweet sound of her name fool you. Summer can kick a** when she wants and is the epitome of ‘GIRL POWER’ to the rest of us. A Western Coast gal, Summer loves sports cars and her family above all else but she’ll be the first to tell you that her BlackBerry is something she couldn’t live without. One of our resident hardware/software reviewers, Summer gives our readers a fresh and interesting approach in her reviews. She truly is the sweetest addition to our BR team.

Steve Steve – Associate Editor

Steve is just a regular guy with a lot of brains and a warm personality. He’s probably the sound of reason here in our group (and probably a bit of a chaperone when we get out of hand) but he’s got all the technical knowledge one needs about BlackBerry devices and believe me you don’t want to mess with him in that regard.

toddTodd – Associate Editor

Todd, is joining us from, Michigan in the USA. Todd has been an avid blackberry user for 4 years! His addiction began with the classic 7520 from Nextel. All this happened because of this BT enabled Jeep… A year later, Todd moved over to T-Mobile to get his hands on the latest BlackBerry and continue feeding his addiction. He picked up, what is known as the brick, a 8700g. From there he moved to a 8100, then off to the 8320 when it became available, and is now on his beloved 8900 Curve. There are few things in life that Todd can’t live without, from Family, to work, football, but most of all his BlackBerry.

David_resized David – Features Editor

David is a native New Yorker and has been into tech since the original floppy disk. He has Bachelors degrees in the Arts and Sciences (Electrical Engineering) as well as a Juris Doctorate. David’s love for mobile computing began with Nokia’s first camera phone–the 3650–and then bounced around to tiny Siemens phones–the SL55–and touch screen Sony Ericsson phones. David currently owns both an iPhone 3G and a BlackBerry Curve. David’s love for the Blackberry stems for his love for efficiency in mobile computing. While he currently has multiple phone platforms and has had many in the past, David raves about the simplicity and reliability of the Blackberry platform. But by owning both, David brings a somewhat balanced and robust perspective to his posts that adds a little bit of flavor to BR.

As well as other contributing guest writers.

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