PhoneBAK BB – Anti-theft Software Released


The image above is the last thing I ever want to see on my BlackBerry Curve. The PhoneBAK Anti-Theft solution we mentioned before has been released and can be picked up for $24.90 from the Bak2U website. The new PhoneBAK software works with every BlackBerry OS except for the Curve but Curve support is promised soon.

I got quite a beating when we first announced that PhoneBAK was coming out soon. According to all the comments on the previous posts this will help you catch the bastard thief that stole your BlackBerry. One of the commentators, Jason, corrected me by bringing up a point I had not even considered.

I guess one big point people are missing here is the following, Mobile Phones, PDA and BB are all devices that are also stolen after a violent crime like assault, Rape( I hate that word), Major theft and damage to a house. May I ask you this Ronen, If you were attacked and severely beaten, the only clue was that the perpetrator stole your phone, wouldn’t you be wishing they put their SIM into it to assist in getting those dirt bags. PS (I sincerely wish that never happens to you) but you get my point. To many people do not think outside the square.
Where I live, a man was random gang bashed to death, The perpetrators stole his phone and used it to torment his family and friends via SMS. Now if he had PhoneBAK, and those bastards swapped SIM cards, bang they are busted.

As I said previously I will withhold judgment until I actually try the software. Since I am currently using a BB Curve as my main device I will be waiting for a new release that supports the Curve OS.

More about PhoneBAK from their website:

PhoneBAK BB is an innovative lost & found anti-theft software program for BlackBerry Wireless Handheld and Smartphones devices.

The program works quietly by automatically checking on the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card when inserted into the phone.

It sends out pre-set SMS Text message and email alerts (local & overseas) with information of IMEI, IMSI, location and the thief’s contact number when the program detects that it is an unauthorized user!

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  1. Hi,

    we are pleased to share that PhoneBAK BB (Blackberry Edition) now supports all models (GSM), including Curve.

    Feel free to contact us for review copies.

    Paddy Tan

  2. Using it now. Thanks bak2u!

  3. Can this software or any software find my blackberry without being installed in actual phone? My phone was stolen and I never intalled any locator programs. It is a Tmobile Blackberry Curve 8900

  4. HI Shannon,

    I am afraid that the software needs to be preinstalled into the device. Sorry to hear your loss.

    Paddy Tan

    • Thanks,

      I figured. Only had the phone for a week. What about the serial number, can my carrier even tell me if someone is using it?

      • Quite a slim chance but why not try it and give them a call on this. Some carriers do assist on tracking down on the IMEI but I am not very familiar if Tmobile does that.

        • Thanks for the advice. I called and they told me once reported stolen the phone cannot be used by anyone. Basically deactivated. Not sure if that is the case, but makes me feel a little better

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