GadgetTrak – Yet Another Anti-Theft Solution For BlackBerry

gadgettrak I guess people are losing their BlackBerrys left and right… At least if you measure the problem by the amount of software out there to help stem it. GadgetTrak just let me know that they have released their GadgetTrak Mobile Security application for BlackBerry. It is even an AT&T certified solution though I have no idea what that means. 🙂

The price of the application is a bit high at $24.95 and is per device so if you change devices you need to buy another license. On the other hand replacing your device could cost much more. I just wish these companies would release statistics on what percentage of devices are actually recovered or package it together with insurance that gives you a new device if it is not recovered.

Features include:

  • Remotely wipe the device & media card
    Remotely wipe personal data stored on your device without requiring Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Backup contacts
    Send all of your contacts to another phone before wiping the device
  • SMS notification on SIM change
    Sends an new number assigned to the phone to a predefined recipient
  • Lock device & signal an alarm1
    Remotely lock the device and signal an alarm the thief cannot disable
  • GPS & Cell based device tracking1
    Send a remote command to have current device location sent to you
  • Tamper proof
    Password protected configuration
  • Send a message to thief1
    Remotely send a custom message that appears on the screen
  • Remote call back1
    Remotely initiate a call to the number of your choice
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  1. Just installed it and tested it by sending an SMS from my wife’s phone. Works great, the lock command is awesome, the device locks and cannot be unlocked while triggering a loud alarm that cannot be turned down. I had to send the unlock command to disable the alarm. Be careful when testing the alarm is REALLY LOUD. Afraid to try the data delete feature though. I think this is a good idea, it is not just sending you tracking information, but also backing data up and wiping data, that is what I care more about for my business. The alarm is nice too for a bit of revenge 🙂

  2. Would like to see some recovery tales as well. I like the idea of having remote access.

  3. How many version are there in the market? All points similarly to bak2u and roblock as the originator?

  4. Love this! The alarm is a great idea, just got some ideas to play some tricks on a few friends who I let “borrow” my phone on occasion.

  5. Michael, nice Singlish, work on the grammar buddy.

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