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I have really been hunting through the new articles in the Knowledgebase and found an interesting one where RIM details some of the main new features in OS 4.6. Nothing crazy new here but I found it to be a great rundown when I explain to friends why the Bold is better than their trusty Curves. 🙂 I did find some really juicy tidbits that I had not heard before. Don’t yell at me if you have heard them before since some of these are not new!

meetingrequest Here are some of the major things I think are worth pointing out:

  • QWERTY hot keys for Lock and Vibrate – Holding A locks your berry and holding Q sets it to vibrate!!!
  • New icon for meeting requests in the messages application
  • Attachment download via the Browser application
  • Support for inline video streaming in the Browser application
  • Composing SMS messages now looks like email composing screen
  • Delete Applications from the homescreen is now a menu option
  • Check spelling as you type

And my favorite feature that I like in the Bold:

Switch to a paired Bluetooth enabled device during a call

When a BlackBerry smartphone is paired with a Bluetooth enabled device (for instance, a hands-free car kit or a wireless stereo headset) and a call is answered using the BlackBerry smartphone, a Call Routed to Bluetooth Device prompt appears on the BlackBerry smartphone. Clicking Route Call to Headset will route the call to the Bluetooth enabled device. Clicking OK will close the prompt without routing the call.

  • If you do not respond to the prompt within approximately five seconds of answering the call, the prompt disappears automatically. You can route the call to the paired Bluetooth enabled device later by pressing the Menu key and clicking Activate <Bluetooth enabled device>.
  • If the call is answered using the Bluetooth enabled device, the call is automatically routed to the Bluetooth enabled device.
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  1. so will 4.6 be coming to curves at anytime?

  2. new device. but a very minor update on the existing platfrom.

  3. Is OS 5.0 still scheduled for the old devices?

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