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image Review: BlueAnt Wireless Supertooth 3
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Cost: $65-130 dollars via Google Products
Those of you in Washington and California take note!

Well it may seem to some of you that frequent BerryReview that I just throw out Editor’s Choice awards at the drop of a hat. This is NOT true! I have just been lucky enough lately to have awesome products to take a look at. I swear!

Supertooth3_unit_laying_down I wrote a review about the Jabra SP5050 that was published about a couple of weeks ago. If you read it, you know that I was very disappointed in a couple of key areas, primarily call volume. Well, let us rejoice! I have found a product that is far superior to the SP5050 in almost every way, shape and form.

The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 is the big brother to the famous Supertooth Light, long touted to be the best Bluetooth speakerphone on the market. Well, not anymore since the Supertooth 3 has hit the arena. This product is a great alternative to a Bluetooth Headset, especially for people who don’t care for having something implanted in their ear for their entire drive. Because let’s face it, if you are constantly putting in and taking out your headset, your attention is not where it should be. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When the package arrived at my door, I was pleased with its initial appearance. The box was colorful and slick looking, including a metal cap and bottom. Inside the box was really everything that I need: Userโ€™s Manual, Quick Start Guide, an AC charger, a car charger, and 2 magnetic sun visor clips (perfect for me considering I am in multiple vehicles throughout the week). The speakerphone itself is a beautiful glossy black, with backlit buttons.

The visor clip is actually fairly ingenious yet simple at the same time. Both sides contain grooves for the speakerphone to sit snugly, so it’s incredibly easy to move the device from the front of your visor to the other side depending on whether or not you have the visor down.

Supertooth3_packaging Supertooth3_on_sunvisor

After charging the Supertooth, I ran to my truck to try it out. It is important to note that the Supertooth is incredibly versatile, for our foreign readers. You can choose from 6 different languages (British English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish and German). The Supertooth is definitely not as slim as the Jabra SP5050 was, but it removes for safe storage much easier. Pairing of the device was very easy, my 8830 found it right away. One of my favorite features of this device is that it can be paired to multiple devices at one time! This is a necessity for me, having multiple phones for work and play!

One of the key features of the Supertooth is the TTS ability (text to speech). This is one of the coolest features about the device, making it truly handsfree. The Supertooth allows you to import your contact list (I loaded over 200 in less than 5 minutes) so that whenever someone in your address book calls, the speakerphone will actually tell you “Call From Nathan”. You can then either push the answer button or say “Answer” and the Supertooth will answer the call.

Supertooth3_unit_with_hook Supertooth3_unit_front_on

There are 4 physical buttons on the Supertooth: an answer button, an end button and volume up/down. All of these are placed in the perfect location. The volume of the Supertooth is amazing! I have been told that I am hard of hearing, and with the volume set at its maximum, it’s far too loud for me! Even with the windows down on the interstate, I can hear callers and they can hear me. With the windows up, people on the other end of the line say that they cannot tell that I am using a speakerphone.

Talk time on this particular unit is about 8 hours (way longer than any phone that I know of) and standby time is over 200 hours.

The price of this unit varies quite a bit depending on where you are looking to buy it from. I would recommend getting it from a well known retailer because I wonder sometimes how some of these online stores sell products for as cheap as they do.

As for the technical information:

Bluetooth v2.0
TTS Text to Speech – a voice announces incoming ‘caller’s’ name or Caller ID
Announces device status, call status and setup instructions for use
Voice Answer: answer calls with your voice, no button press needed
Automatic vibration sensor reconnection
Full DSP noise cancellation/echo cancellation
Full duplex high performance speaker
Automatic connection and reconnection with notification
Digital volume control
Can also be charged directly from a PC via USB cable (not included)
Fix to the sun-visor via a two sided magnetic clip – no installation costs
Supports voice dial activation, redial and call reject
Pairs with up to 8 Bluetooth devices
Includes 1 x AC travel charger
Includes 1 x car charger
2-year replacement warranty


  • Incredible voice quality on both ends
  • TTS makes it the safest unit on the market
  • Loud enough for ANYONE
  • Beautiful & elegant
  • Stored phonebook


  • The woman’s voice for American English can be a tad annoying
  • A little thicker than other units

Summary: This is the best speakerphone that I have ever used hands down. I will never make a road trip without the Supertooth to accompany me. The fact that it is truly handsfree is impressive. I feel much safer on the road using this product. I wish that it were just a little bit more compact, but for the features and quality, I cannot complain. BlueAnt has set the bar high with this one. For further information, head on over to BlueAnt’s website. They have many other great products.

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  1. I have had one for a month or so and love it. Hands down the best bluetooth accessory I have ever used!

  2. I had the previous model – and here’s something to consider. On my daily commute, I would say I flip my sun visor up & down probably three times. Each time you flip the visor, you have to move the device from one side of the visor to the other. Not a huge deal, but kind of a hassle. I would be tempted to try this newer version, but only if I could find someplace to mount it other than my visor. I would find that easier to use. Just my two cents…

  3. Blueant is the worst bluetooth ever I have had 2 different ones and neither worked properly.

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