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I just happened to come by this beta application while browsing the web and was shocked that I had not heard of it before! Turns out that BoxTone is beta testing an application that gives you quite a bit of monitored information on your BlackBerry. Nothing ground breaking but here is the feature list:

myBoxtoneinsight[2] myBoxtoneinsight[3]

The power of BoxTone in the palm of your hand.

  • At-a-glance graphical trending of device performance over the last 1 to 24 hours including signal coverage, battery strength, voice usage, and email traffic patterns.
  • Purpose-built for BlackBerry power users.

Talk about a fun toy! You just easily sign up for the beta at this link and they send you an email with an OTA download link. At least they did it for me within a few minutes… The only catch I ran into is that you have to register from the email address you have under Options/Settings->Advanced Options->Default Services->Email or it will not activate.

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  1. Does not seem to be able to contact there ‘servers’ when launching and accepting the T&C’s. My connection works with not problem, email, browsing, etc all functional.

  2. Gareth,

    Please contact me to resolve your authentication problem.



  3. …my blackberry will not boot now… thanks… UGH!

  4. Installed and working perfectly. Blackberry 8330/Cellular South/ (MTS version)

  5. btw i am on a 8130/Verizon v4.3. My phone is bricked. Im gonna have to get another one. Thankfully i have an “extended warranty.”

    Thank you for bricking my phone myBoxTone!

  6. Ben, what exactly is happening? With the right info we could resolve this without going to extremes.

  7. Ben, please contact us at myboxtone at boxtone dot com to see if we can help restore your BlackBerry. We have not encountered any issues like this in our testing. I’d like to help you resolve the issue.

  8. It is in a permanent state of reboot. It will get to the Verizon screen and then proceed to power cycle again in this endless state of reboot.

    I have tried a battery pull.

    Thank you for your response.

  9. I still haven’t received the email after sign up on the web site this morning.

  10. During the course of our beta testing, we have found an incompatibility with BlackBerry 8130 that causes issues with some OS versions. As a precaution, we have suspended downloads for all 8130s, worked with affected users such as Patrick to restore their BlackBerrys, and emailed all other 8130 users to ask that they temporarily remove the application.

    Please note that this issue is limited to the BlackBerry 8130 and all other models are unaffected.

    We are hard at work to resolve the issue and expect to resume support for all 8xxx and 9xxx BlackBerry smartphones in the near future. We will email all registered 8130 users when the update is available.

    We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused for 8130 users.

    Please enjoy myBoxTone Insight and keep the feedback coming.


    The BoxTone Team

  11. After this article:

    I was able to recover my nuked Pearl.

    Thank you to the BoxTone team for the rapid response!

  12. I downloaded the software and accepted the T and C’s, but it ultimately gave me a message that it could not connect to the servers. There is no problem with my connection so I’m not sure what happened.

  13. I have the program working on an 8830. However, I don’t see the Data Sent/Receive information… How can I display this? thanks!

  14. The Data Sent and Received is currently only available on GSM BlackBerrys (e.g., AT&T, TMO, and worldwide carriers). We are working with RIM to expose this information for CDMA smartphones (e.g., Verizon, Sprint, AllTell) for use in a future version of the myBoxTone Insight.

  15. Tom,

    We are looking into the registration issue, I hope to have a resolution for you soon.

  16. So I have to have a BIS email or BES email account to use this app? I dont use BIS I just have regular internet.

  17. Randy,

    Please register with whatever email address is configured as the primary email address on your BlackBerry (Options->Advanced Options->Default Services->Email). It does not matter whether this is a BES, BIS, or other email address.


  18. I have a Pearl 8100. I’m on the Rogers network in Canada. I cannot proceed passed the activation screen. A box comes up with the message, “myBoxTone Insight could not contact the BoxTone servers. Please ensure that an active data connection is available and try again”. I have no actual data connection problems to my knowledge.

    Please help.


  19. We are finding communication problems during our registration process on a subset of BIS-only BlackBerrys. I expect that we will resolve this issue very soon and I will let you know as soon as we have. I apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to your feedback on the application.

    Thanks for your patience,


  20. Installed the app, looked at it, works fine on my Verizon 8830.
    My question is : how do you turn it off? Pressing Close from the menu doesn’t do anything. Just brings it into background.
    I don’t want it to sit there and suck up memory and battery…
    Even upon reboot the app started back up by itself.
    The only way i was able to shut it down comnpletely is by uninstalling it – and its going to stay that way for now…Until it works the way it is supposed to…When Close does actually CLOSE!

  21. We have addressed the connection problems that some of you experienced. If you are having connection problems, please download the updated version at

    If you have not yet registered, please register at if you would like to participate.

    We look forward to your feedback.

    Thanks for your patience,


  22. Hi,
    iam on my Slovak carrier – Orange. The process stops during Activating. I also get the message about the problems with servers….Any idea?

    my data plan is OK, my default address is the one iam using…so why problems during activating? thanx

  23. Andy,

    Please send the full text of the error message you are seeing to myboxtone at boxtone dot com and we will be happy to get you up and running.



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