Gym Technik – Free Workout Tracking On Your BlackBerry

Stefano let me know about this free service and application from Gym Technik. They provide a homescreen shortcut that you install on your Berry. It opens their website and allows you to track your workout and chart your progress from their mobile website. Gym Technik tracks the weights, the reps, and your body stats.

gymtechnik From the description:

Use your computer to access the Internet and organize your workout routines using our extensive exercises library. Define all your workouts online with each being the exercise routine you perform at the gym.

When at the gym, login to Gym Technik using your mobile phone and pick from the list of your already defined workouts. Simply start a workout and enter in the stats for each exercises performed.

All your stats synch to your web account automatically allowing you to analyze your data with our informative progress charts and then allowing you to enhance your workout routines as necessary. Any changes you make to your workout routines on the web are all automatically synced with your mobile smart phone login.

Not sure if this is for everyone but it is a cool free service. Check it out at

Just as an FYI their website says they have scheduled maintenance for August 12th from 9PM to 10PM PST

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