Live CES Pictures Of BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway

Okay I have to take an objective step back here and wonder if I missed something. While I was at CES I posted a LIVE picture and details about the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway. Mind you I had the device in hand at the RIM CES booth and even got to try it out. (I am sure others got the same privilege) Now over 3 weeks after the fact the Financial Times catches wind in an FCC filing of the exact same device with even less details and now it is news again?


Well since this is β€œnew” again I guess I will repeat EXACTLY what I reported at CES. Forgive me if I sound like a broken telephone.

I got to play with the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway at CES. The device uses A2DP Stereo Bluetooth to stream audio to a speaker system. The device has a regular headphone jack on it and comes with two cables, one to connect to RCA cables and another to connect to a regular AUX in 1/8th headphone jack.

The device has an internal battery that is also charged using the same mini-USB connector used on the BlackBerry. That means you can share 1 charger or car charger for both devices. I guess the FCC filing

Now all these websites will be able to post LIVE screenshots of the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Connector

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