What Does Your BlackBerry Say About You?

EvolutionDo you remember the days when having a pager meant you were a doctor or a drug dealer? Well Athima Chansanchai of MSNBC seems to think that a BlackBerry speaks volumes towards your personality. Personally all mine does is make my beautiful wife roll her eyes whenever I pull it out.

Athima has managed to pigeon hole all BlackBerry users. She also does this for Treo, Sidekick, & iPhone users so I don’t feel so bad. I guess many readers disagree with her stereotypical descriptions since out of 179 ratings the story got a 1.5/5.

You have to read this garbage, I couldn’t even make it up.

Some of the stuff is just plain wrong. For example:

As much as I love the BlackBerry, I hate how I can’t delete texts in a block, I don’t like the Web interface and I’m not crazy about the phone quality.

Head on over to MSNBC for the article and give the article a bad rating

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