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How to Request a Refund For BlackBerry World Purchases

I know I spend quite a bit in BlackBerry World but every once in awhile I have found the need to ask for a refund. In the past I have tried working directly with developers but recently some have told readers that they cannot process the refunds themselves and it has to come from BlackBerry…


BlackBerry Link Now Includes 2-Way Desktop Contact & Calendar Sync for BlackBerry 10 (PC Outlook & Mac)

BlackBerry Link was updated last week to include two way contact and calendar sync but it seems like many people missed our post mentioning it. We are still hearing complaints from readers about why the feature has not launched yet leading me to post this yet again. BlackBerry HAS added two way sync of contacts…


Make Sure To Turn On Text Prediction on the BlackBerry Q10

   One of the features that BlackBerry truly blew me away with on the BlackBerry Z10 was the awesome aggressive context sensitive word correction. Sadly with the BlackBerry Q10 BlackBerry decided to ship it disabled for the QWERTY purists. Thankfully they left users the option to turn it back on and better yet let it…


Still having BlackBerry World Issues On Your BlackBerry Z10? (More Workarounds)

While most of you have received the fix for the BlackBerry World bug on BlackBerry Z10 where the content does not load and just shows the spinning circle. We offered you a workaround before along with confirming that BlackBerry knows of the issue. Now BlackBerry has confirmed that “A server-side fix has been applied on…


How to Access the BlackBerry 10 Engineering Screen

  I was not brave enough to be the first person to post about how to access the BlackBerry 10 engineering screen (EScreen) when it was first discovered by users. Now that my buddy Bla1ze has broken the ice (thanks to the help of @nerdtalker, @N301DQ and makaveli86) I thought I would take the plunge….


BlackBerry Acknowledges Duplicate Gmail Contacts Issue With Workaround and Upcoming Fix

  I have never had duplicate contacts on my BlackBerry Z10 even with my 3 Gmail accounts but I am hearing reports of users running into the issue. It seems like users with older OS versions are sometimes seeing duplicate contacts in their address book even though the contact is only shown once in Gmail…


Official Guide for Importing Outlook Contacts to BlackBerry 10 via BlackBerry Link USB

  We just told you that BlackBerry has added a one way sync (AKA Import) feature to BlackBerry Link. This allows users to import their Outlook calendar and contacts to BlackBerry 10 using their Windows PC. Sadly BlackBerry did not include a guide for this new feature in their manual but Ty at BlackBerry has…


How to Clear BlackBerry World Cache on BlackBerry 10

I have been asked this a few times but for some reason I never got around to writing it up. With the launch of WhatsApp and other apps I have once again run into this annoying double cache issue and Piotr at BBNews reminded me with his post about it. There is a really easy…

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