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More BlackBerry Z10 Device Model Differences (STL-100-X)

  We wrote up a piece earlier today about the four different BlackBerry Z10 models and it turns out I left some details off the list. There are some other differences between the device models including their processor and slight weight differences beyond just the cellular frequencies. Here is an updated list with more detail….


BlackBerry Explains the Security of Voice Control Data

Some of you may know that I am overly cautious about my personal data. That is why I was curious about the security of the new server based Voice Control features in BlackBerry Z10. One of my friends at BlackBerry was kind enough to point out that there is now some public info on what…


Updated: The Four BlackBerry Z10 Models Explained (STL100-X)

UPDATE: Check out our latest updated list explaining the differences in more detail   I have had quite a few readers ask me what I mean when we point out specific model numbers for the BlackBerry Z10. Most of you are probably aware that there are four different BlackBerry Z10 model builds. They are made…


Easily Type In Multiple Languages or Switch Keyboards on BlackBerry 10

One of our readers pointed out that we did not mention how easy BlackBerry 10 makes switching between languages or even typing in multiple languages. You can have up to three languages enabled at a time from the 33 supported languages on BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry even added a mode that lets you type in all…


Supported Languages On BlackBerry 10

I have received this question quite a few times since BlackBerry 10 launched and it seems like old BlackBerry users are still a bit confused. BlackBerry 10 ships with support for 33 languages. You do not need to install separate language support or reload your OS to get access to other languages or even RTL…


Solutions to "The Charging Source Connected To Your BlackBerry Device Cannot Charge Your Battery"

  Over the years BlackBerry devices have needed more power and the latest BlackBerry 7 devices are the hungriest. Back in the day it used to be a matter of drivers not being installed on your PC and getting the "USB charging current is insufficient" error though sometimes those solutions work today. That error has…


How to Take a Screenshot of your BlackBerry from Mac OSX Terminal

You have been able to take screenshots from your BlackBerry Smartphone using your PC for ages now with the help of JavaLoader. I knew it was possible to do the same with the Desktop Manager for Mac but I never did find good documentation for it. Turns out RIM has provided just that to make…


RIM Explains How Recent Contact Manager Works

One of my favorite little improvements that RIM added in the past year or so especially in BlackBerry 7 builds is the ability to have it remember recently used contacts. This meant that the BlackBerry email client would suggest addresses you may have emailed previously even though they are not in your address book. The…

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