Visualization of Google’s 13 Years of “World Domination”

Google dominance For years Google and their services/products have been a mainstay of making my BlackBerry work. Think about it for a second. How many of your top 10 BlackBerry apps are developed or powered by Google in some way. Here are a few off the top of my head: Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google search app, Google Sync (BIS sync), Google Reader (BerryReader)… and those are just the services I use daily!

I always ask RIM employees about their love/hate/indifference with Google and I have yet to get a solid response. I understand that Android is a threat to RIM but Android is just a spec on the Google map.

My brother happened to stumble across a article from Inspired Magazine which visualizes the 13 years of  what they dubbed “Google World Domination” since Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered on September 15th, 1997. It is not exactly the latest article but I was blown away with some of the numbers shown here. Just look at the comparison of how many servers Google runs compared to everybody else. Or the 45% of Google products that are in beta.

If you have some time and want to learn some mind boggling facts check out Inspired Magazines visualizations at this link

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