Millennial Report Shows BlackBerry Has 16% of US Mobile Ads

smartphone OS mix This is in no way surprising but I thought it would be interesting to mention after the seemingly incorrect rumors that RIM was in talks to purchase Millennial Media. Millennial media is one of the only mobile ad networks that still releases some of their advertising data since Quattro and AdMob were purchased by Apple and Google.

According to their numbers RIM and BlackBerry users are only about 16% of the US mobile advertising market. The iPhone dominates the mobile advertising market taking 55% of displayed mobile ads and is trailed by Android which have 19%.

Millennial does point out that RIM experienced the largest developer growth (9%) month over month taking 11% of US developer platform usage but they are still beat out by the iPhone at 49% and Android at 39%. The other interesting thing to note is that RIM ad requests increased 18% month over month and since January they have come up 66%. On the other hand compared to other devices in the report RIM seems to always be trailing as a distant third.

device and carrier data

If you are interested in this kind of data I highly recommend checking out the full report at this link (direct). Thanks Joann for pointing out the report!

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