ScratchPad: Improving the BlackBerry Clipboard?

scratchpad One of my favorite features on my BlackBerry is the simplicity of copying, cutting, and pasting between applications. It just works but I have always wanted a bit more. Colin let me know about ScratchPad, an app that is similar to a application idea I had previously so I thought it is worthy of mention.

The app looks kind of old especially when you take a look at the screenshots that are from OS 4.1. On the other hand it does a decent job of improving on the BlackBerry clipboard by letting you place up to 20 items in your clipboard. It adds a menu option to most applications letting you add and retrieve information.

Personally I think the app is a bit clunky but I really wish RIM would incorporate such an idea where you have a history of copied information. In my mind it would kind of be like Microsoft Clipboard Manager. The app is also pretty expensive, considering the fact that it is a one trick wonder, but you can pick it up for $5.99 at Handango.

What do you think?


  • Automatically copy from the Blackberry Clipboard into the Scratchpad. (this can be turned off)
  • "Open Scratchpad" menu item appears in most applications, allowing quick access
  • Manual entry of items into the Scratchpad
  • Delete individual Scratchpad items
  • Easily copy items from the Scratchpad into the Blackberry Clipboard allowing you to paste anywhere
  • Intuitive ordering of Scratchpad items (most recently entered or recently used Scratchpad items are moved to the top, while unused items eventually drop down and fall off the list)
  • Each item stored in Scratchpad shows a preview of the first part of the text, and each item preview only takes up one line. This allows you to very quickly find and use items in the list.
  • Clear the Blackberry clipboard
  • Clear all items in the Scratchpad (with confirmation dialog)
  • Automatic worry free saving of items in the Scratchpad
  • Scratchpad allows you to copy and save very large items
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  1. $5.99 for this 8-bit crap. It looks outdated and it definitely doesn’t offer enough to be priced so steeply. I doubt if a free 30-day trial would lure patrons without heavy coaxing. Not enough improvement on functionality AND too expensive…sounds like a familiar trend for RIM and 3rd-Party vendors. This gets a big ass “HELL NAH!”.

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