ReportAway! BlackBerry Time & Expense Tracking With QuickBooks Compatible Time Export

reportawayI know quite a few users who have been looking for a QuickBooks compatible time and expense tracking application for their BlackBerry. Looks like ReportAway! which was recently released by AcireSystems is targeting those users. ReportAway! lets you capture timesheet and expense information and generate QuickBooks importable time reports so you can generate invoices.

All the information is stored on your BlackBerry so there is no waiting but you can lose your information if you don’t export it often enough and you lose your device. Reporting is done through email. Pretty cool for a $8.99 app.

More details after the jump…

Features include:

  • Simple User Interface
    • Import directly from Calendar and Task applications
    • Expense editor is integrated with BlackBerry camera for attachment of receipt pictures
    • Time and Expense editors with add, modify, duplicate, and delete functions
  • Flexible Over The Air Reporting
    • Selectable QuickBooks(R) “iif”, or “csv” formatted reports
    • Direct import of time reports into QuickBooks
  • Configurable csv format: selectable fields, field order, and configurable labels
  • Integration with DocSnaps online book keeping service
  • Offline Operation
    • Minimal mobile data usage
    • No sensitivity to lack of cellular coverage
    • No waiting for web servers to repond over the network
  • Customer, Project, Activity, and Expense Administration
    • Time and expense entries can be associated with locally configured Customer, Project, Activity, and Expense Type data
    • 40 built in currencies to choose from
    • Configurable expense types with 17 commonly used default types
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  1. ProOnGo Expense has these features (expense tracking\QuickBooks integration) and more and is FREE. Give it a try by going to Also available via AppWorld.

  2. I disagree with you. All ProOnGo has is an expense tracker. And if you don’t have a BlackBerry with a camera, it doesn’t do you much good.

    For those of us who are consultants, ReportAway! has the main thing I’ve been looking for – a way to take the entries I might make in my calendar and make it easy to send them to QuickBooks. I just tried it a few minutes ago and was amazed at how seamless it was. Using the iif file for importing makes it a breeze.

    Now if I have a crazy day with all my appointments seeming to go long and the details all blend together, I’ll already have the info in my calendar and ready to import to QuickBooks.

    The videos are a great complement to the application as they show you step by step how to accomplish what you want to do. They will be getting my money tomorrow for this wonderfully easy application!

    Thanks to the team at Acire Systems!

    • ProOnGo does NOT require a camera. You can turn it off in the ProOnGo Expense options…download now to try for yourself at

      • I don’t need to download that application. I already know that it doesn’t meet my needs. ProOnGo has a flashy website but almost no information about the application itself and what it does. The information that is there makes it look like you need a camera to get the receipt into the system.

        If it does or not is a moot point for me. I’ve found a solution that works for me.

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