T-Mobile G1 Not Drawing The Crowds Like The iPhone – How About The 8900?

Tmobile8900T-Mobile announced yesterday that they now have 32.8 million customers as of the end of the fourth quarter and have added 621,000 new accounts during that same quarter. That does not stack up well when compared to the 2.1+ million accounts AT&T added that quarter and the 1.2 Verizon added.

I guess that means that the T-Mobile Android G1 is not drawing as many people as T-Mobile promised, but that could be due to their slower rollout of 3G, which limits the appeal.

On the other hand, T-Mobile is going to be the first in the US offering the HOT BlackBerry 8900 Curve. The successor to a device that sold millions. This is right after their exclusive deal to sell the 8220 Pearl Flip.  That makes me wonder if people will switch for the 8900 or just wait for their carrier to get it. (Which may take at least a year if you follow Verizon & Sprint’s history.)

So I have to ask. Will you be switching to T-Mobile for the 8900?

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  1. I am already with Tmo and have been for 5 years. I am due for an upgrade next month. I would get an 8900 but because of the current economy I think I will wait and see. There may be some bugs to work out with the phone as well.

  2. I’m with TMO and will likely be switching away, despite the 8900.

    No 3G, no plans for 3G- at least not that I can tell. I lose my signal in many buildings, despite having a workable signal on the street outside the building, and the minute I leave town, I’m in GPRS territory.

    Sorry, TMO. Why have a quality phone if your provider won’t let you use it.

  3. I was with Tmo for 3/4 years (3 years ago)… moved to sprint (coverage problems)… moved to VZ in December for the “Light Rain” blackberry… now I’m back with TMo with a 8900! I love it. Regardless of the lack of 3G, WIFI makes up for the lack of high speed data. I just don’t see the value in 3G, really, what is the point (as most of my high speed needs are always w/in range of a WIFI signal)? The 8900 is the best bb I’ve ever used (and I’ve used just about every model since the first color 7230).

  4. I just received my 8900 yesterday…1 word. AWESOME.

    Everything that everyone has written in their review of the 8900 is absolutely spot on, especially Kevin’s review on Crackberry.

  5. Personally T-Mo has the best customer service, so I will not leave T-Mo. 8900 I can’t wait!!

  6. Wouldn’t switch to TMobile again (used to have a Sidekick 2) because their network is fairly small and slow…

    They are too far behind on 3g so I couldn’t even imagine going back.

  7. The G1/Android OS is a phone for nerds (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). Why would you expect crowds? Nor should you when the next regular Blackberry comes out. The Storm was marketed for the masses but, for example, you are not going to have the lines when Niagara finally comes out for anything like the Storm, iPhone or other hot phones. Yes BB’s have their market, and they may even sell through their stock the first week, but it’s not the same thing at all, which is not a bad thing. I for one like knowing I will almost certainly be able to walk into a store and pick up the Niagara the first week no fuss just as I did the Cuve last year.

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