UPDATE: HOT! Leaked Rogers 2009 Products – 3G North American GSM Storm 9520 & North America 3G 8200 Pearl Flip!!!

UPDATE: It looks like the Storm 9520 will be packing 3G North American HSPA & Wi-Fi!!!

screen5 screen6

One of our tipsters (Double Agent 3.14) just sent me a link to a thread on Howard Forums detailing the Rogers 2009 phone release plans. User Clearskies08 scored these images from a Rogers/Fido presentation. Hot off the blurry images are details of what looks like a Wi-Fi packed North American GSM Storm called the 9520 and a 3G BlackBerry 8200 Flip!!! Talk about HOTNESS! Not much details but it confirms other rumors I have been hearing.

In short this new version of the 9520 Storm will probably be a Storm with Wi-Fi and hopefully 3G but I doubt it. The new 8200 Pearl Flip will support the 3G frequencies that we use in North America (except for T-Mobile). I heard rumors about these devices before but this just clinches it!

screen1 screen2

screen3 screen4

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  1. Why would you say the 9520 will ‘hopefully’ have 3G when it clearly shows it will on the slide?

  2. ^ because it isnt for sure, 100% confirmed that that slide is real or not.

    if that 3G flip is real, i am so buying it! put my other flip on ebay/craigslist asap and get that new one.

  3. Still no GPS for the storm?

  4. Does rogers use sim cards? Just curious to see if I could eventually get one of these unlocked since cincinnati bell has one of the poorest selections of phones

  5. i really hope telus drops the price on the storm to 199 on a 3 year! look at the pricing! maybe even rogers will drop it lower to really get more customers !!!!

  6. T-Mobile is guaranteed to get both first, leading innovation with money saving strategys, android platform, open source platforming, and supporting their most recognized enterprise, the blackberry. Plus Data plans with 3g 10gb max cap?

    I’m glad T-Mobile didn’t get LG as a phone supplier. Glad they are expanding on smartphone companies that matter, (i.e. HTC, RIM).

    Eat your heart out VZW and AT&T subscribers. Just yet another reason why T-Mobile is taking over, glad they gave me 600 bonus minutes for christmas on my lines. No upgrade fees, and I pay 60/month for nearly unlimited everything (text,picture,internet,email,myfaves) aside from my 1000 anytime minutes.

  7. I’d love to see TMobile get the phone, but if you are referring to TMobile USA, aren’t the frequencies all wrong. This is a big deal for Rogers/Fido, but I have a hard time believe that RIM is bringing this phone out solely for Rogers-FIDO and possibly Telcel. I suspect that there will be an ATT Storm. If there isn’t a ton of the $529 storms are going to start heading south.

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