Daughter in the Box Classic Chinese Puzzle Game

I am not Chinese so I cannot vouch for the “classic” description of the game but I do love puzzles on my Berry. Robert just let me know about a new game his company, Exosyphen, has released for BlackBerry called Daughter in a Box. The name is kind of creepy but it seems to have a cool premise. The cool part is that there is a limited trial available so at least Exosyphen is starting on the right foot! The game is also reasonably priced at $4.95.

daughtergame daughtergame2

From the description:

Daughter in the Box is the classical Chinese puzzle game, in which you have to slide blocks of various sizes in order to move the largest block (the daughter) to the exit. It sure looks simple to play but once you get started, it’s guaranteed to keep you addicted.
The puzzle can be solved in less than 100 moves, but it can easily take you up to 1000 moves to solve it.
If you were looking for a game to challenge your mind and keep you occupied, this is the right game for you.

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