iLane Wants Your BlackBerry To Talk To You

My wife just sent me a link to an article about this iLane accessory that is scheduled to be released this year. It does not look like a new announcement but this is the first I have heard of it. Turns out that this iLane product lets you control your BlackBerry by voice and it tries to read you your email and calendar. This may be interesting if it does not require a data connection to process the voice commands. If you’re stuck in your car often, you might want to keep an eye out on iLane at The video demos of the device look pretty cool. On the other hand, they do not seem to have an actual product yet since they announced something similar in 2006


From what I understand, it will:

  • Read & delete your email. It will even giggle if it sees an emoticon! (seriously)
  • Make phone calls
  • Browse your calendar
  • Read you the news
  • You can respond with an MP3 file or a prerecorded response

Maybe one of the major car companies can integrate these features into the car system…

I am just afraid that my BlackBerrys first words will be “C I A L I S”

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