Google Maps Version 2.2.2 Released

Raffy just let me know that Google Maps for BlackBerry version 2.2.2 is now available. I tried going to to download but it did not find the latest version. So…

Raffy gave me the link below to directly download the app:

Which did work on my OS 8310. No word yet on what features it adds but I am hoping that it adds voice activated search like the 2.2.1 Beta that they released for the Pearl.

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  1. Unfortunately, this does NOT add voice-activated search on my 8830/OS v4.2.2.196 (neither did the 2.2.1 beta).

  2. Tom were you able to load any version higher then 2.2.0 on your 8830?

  3. I have voice enabled on my Cellular South 8330 running It seems to work though haven’t tested it with a location locked in. A quick way to be sure if it’s enabled on your device, is to check the help option. There will be a special section there just for voice searching…even has a demo.

  4. Voice recognition is working for me on 2.2.0; Verizon Pearl 8130.

  5. Correction: Voice recognition is working for me on 2.2.2; Verizon Pearl 8130

  6. Voice isn’t working on my Sprint 8330 running .51

  7. I guess it doesn’t matter if the Voice Recognition works because I was never able to get it to work correctly on my 8320 under 2.2.1 anyway.

  8. Can somebody verify if you need to have VAD installed in order for this to work properly?

  9. its faster overall to me. BUT voice search STILL doesn’t freaking work on my 8310 on AT&T running….. JEEZ when will this work??? and, yes, i have VAD installed…

  10. I have an 8820 from AT&T running and the voice search does work on it

  11. doc: I loaded 2.2.1 and now 2.2.2 on my 8830 — neither supports voice-activated search.

  12. Yea I got it on my 8320 but no voice search also. (2.2.2)

  13. It doesn’t work on my 8830 on VZW. It would stop loading at 90% after asking me if I granted access to the radio location or something like that. 2.2.1 did the same thing

  14. does it work only on OS 4.5? I have a 8310 with 4.2.2

  15. Look at the link. It says “blackberry-42” not “blackberry-45” so even though it is for 4.2 it still works on higher OSs.

  16. Greeting peeps! I have os on my 8310 curve and just tested the voice stuff on google maps 2.2.2 twice and got some error saying that there wasn’t enough cell phone reception and to try again when i am getting a better signal…what?! 😛

    will try again tomorrow when i get out of my condo (read: concrete block) and have some better reception. peace out!

  17. I got the same error, I just thought it was bullshit lmao. They pulling our leg.

  18. Got it running on on my 8310, and there is a voice search option though it’s not working very well. It can’t understand what I’m saying. I also noticed that this option only came up tonight as I was checking the maps, it wasn’t there when I first installed this morning. Maybe Google is still slowly implementing it and is why it’s not showing on the main Google Mobile site for download yet.

  19. To get the voice to work when upgrading you need to go under help and click on reset google maps. Works on my 8330 with os

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