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I know we have mentioned the Viigo Tango project quite a few times on BerryReview. Here is you chance to get in on it. Just keep in mind this is a beta so if you want a more stable Viigo experience stick with the current stable release.

Home ScreenBeta

There are actually two Betas going on concurrently with Project Tango; A private and public beta. Currently the private and public beta users will get the same version but in a few weeks that will change with features such as Audio. You will automatically be notified when a new Viigo version is released. This upcoming version of Viigo is very exciting and I cant wait to see how it pans out. They are building in quite a bit of customization into the interface which will let you create you own personal Viigo experience.

The public beta will include:

  • News & RSS – essentially the same as the current version of Viigo
  • CFL (Canadian Football League) – a sample of what’s going to be possible on Viigo’s Expanded Sports Service (league news, standings, live scores, ticket sales, etc.) … will eventually become part of the sports folder, but it’s separated right now for technical reasons.


  • Weather – 5 day forecast for your favorite cities … lots more coming here too including radar, etc.


  • Sports – live scores for the following current leagues (MLB, PGA, LPGA, Formula 1, CFL and the Euro 2008) … you’ll see other sports such as the NFL, NCAA, etc as the respective seasons start


  • Entertainment – some fun bPLay Games and Themes – including some free games, just for Viigo users … lots more coming here


  • Stocks – a very very early sample of a portfolio service, showing updated market data for a sample portfolio of commonly held stocks … lots more coming here, including the ability to manage your own portfolios, and get much richer data than is currently shown.


  • Beta Feedback – the ability to submit Bugs, Features Requests or UI Requests directly to our Product Management team right from within the app.

You can find out more info at

The latest public beta can be found at:

And last but not least to download the public beta to your BlackBerry just head to from your BlackBerry browser

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  1. Finally I have an app that will remove any reason for keeping Pocket Express on my BlackBerry. Pocket Express has annoyed me even when I was a Palm (I KNOW!!) user. After playing with Tango I was finally able to let go of Pocket Express forever. Thank you Viigo!

  2. I started using it since yesterday, its works reallyyyy well so far.

  3. I’ve been using this a couple days so far and have a couple points:
    1) When you install this (or seemingly ANY version of Viigo including the new Berryreview edition) over the top of an existing install, you will lose any customization of feed names you have set. I didn’t realize what a pain in the backside this was until I started custom titling my feeds again. After entering a few custom titles, on every subsequent attempt now the beta crashes out when I hit OK. The custom title I was entering IS there next time I fire it up, but since I have dozens of feeds and I custom title almost all of them this is painful. Bug report submitted.
    2) Thank the gods of Blackberry software, Viigo FINALLY has implemented N and P (for next and previous) the same way native BB OS apps do. No longer must you remember you are in Viigo (versus in email or SMS or whatever) and use opposite keystrokes to go through the articles list!! Woohoo!

  4. Oops…
    3) Something I’d like to see in Tango is an IMAP-ish sort of functionality. I would like articles that I read via my PC to not appear as unread on my Blackberry, and vice versa.

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