Are Even Our Cellphones Turning Green?

No I am not talking about scurvy. The latest trend in the cellphone industry (and everywhere else for that matter) has been going green to save the environment. I am all for saving the environment but I never really considered my cellphone to be on the green hit list.

W510So today I walked by a friend’s desk and noticed a green & brown box with the Sprint logo on it. Turns out Sprint is now sporting “green” boxes for their cellphones. I thought Sprint had bigger problems?

The irony is that the average consumer cares more about reliable wireless coverage than “green” boxes. I guess wireless providers are starting to notice that saving energy means saving money.

Samsung also recently announced a Korean/Chinese phone that I would dub the greenest phone to date. It is made of bio-plastic and is even partially corn. Imagine that, I wonder if it is edible… They are also taking all of the heavy metals, such as lead, out of the design.

I wonder if RIM will be joining the “green” bandwagon soon. Maybe they should take the Green IQ Test.

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  1. The part witht he corn or partially edible I’d hate to leave that in the sun. XD

  2. I’m no tree hugger, but I do think it’s high time the cellular industry started taking some “green” actions. I read an article yesterday that said there are as many cellular phones today as 1/2 the world’s population! Can you imagine? And in Finland, there is something like 158% cell phone saturation. Yeah, 1.5 times more cell phones than people! And the average Korean gets a new phone every 11 months. I imagine the numbers for printer ink and toner cartridges are probably far worse, but one could argue those have less harmful materials in them.

    I guess the moral of the story is, when YOU upgrade to your new device (be it Bold or Thunder or Javelin or whatever), do what you can to help and find a way to recycle your old device. Or at least donate it to one of the myriad of organizations (neighborhood watch, cell phones for troops, whatever it is) that can’t afford to buy phones but can sure put them to use!

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