BlackBerry Unite Available From Bell Canada was just yesterday that I emailed a bunch of other bloggers about BlackBerry Unite. It had been getting to the point where I thought Unite was vaporware. RIM came up and surprised me today by announcing and releasing BlackBerry Unite on Bell Canada!

As a reminder BlackBerry Unite allows BES like functionality for up to 5 users. It lets you share documents, files, calendars, contacts and much more.

The lucky ba$+@rds on Bell Canada can pick up a copy of BlackBerry Unite at this link. The official press release can be found here. You can also find it on Bell’s website at this link.

BTW I checked they block all non Canadians from downloading the software. Anybody want to be a pal and upload it to

Thanks Simon for the info!

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  1. Downloaded, installed and works fine with Telus as well. Not sure if I need it but was bored and it worked fine.

  2. Anyone? I tried to merge my e-mail with Unite! and couldn’t get the server, STMP, and/or port numbers right. I did learn it’s IMAP and not POP. I called T-Mo, who called RIM, and they said “Hey, that’s only for Bell! Hands off!” I got a laugh from the T-Mo rep telling me that. Anyway, can anyone tell me what incoming server name, SMTP server name, port numbers, and if I should check SSL for my account? Am I wrong to assume I should be able to do this?


  3. The ability to browse/use Internet through the network of where Unite! is installed great. That way you can access your servers at home network, without need of port forwarding. Plus you can also download files from your hard drive. Those are two cool features

  4. Nikolaus, why on earth do you want to do that anyways? You can access your through BIS anyway. I don’t think BIS accounts support imap or pop3 themselves.

  5. I wanted to do that because in order to create a user, you have to supply an e-mail. Once you supply an e-mail (i.e. it wants to set up the POP or IMAP settings. I honestly just want to get calendar shared to start with, media too. I am frustrated that I have to setup e-mail just to add a user.

  6. Sems, you write you got it to work with ATT. Did you use your to create your Unite! user? From your other comment I guess not.

  7. Of course not, I used a personal imap account on my domain. U can get a free gmail account if u don’t have any pop3 or imap accounts.

  8. Anyone know how to delete it from the Blackberry and set calendar/phonebook etc to use desktop synch again?

  9. Simply go to Options – Advanced Options – Service Books and delete all the Unite related service books.

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