Aces Solitaire – 15 Solitare Games In One

Acessolitaire_bb_screenshot1Concrete Software has just released Aces Solitaire which is a collection of over 15 solitaire games for $14.99. This game costs almost double what the competition charges but you are getting 15 games. This may be a perfect solution for passing the time between meetings.

The Aces Solitaire game includes FreeCell, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, Golf, and an undisclosed 10 more games. I can’t understand why they would not just tell you what the other 10 games are . There is a trial option but it seems to be a desktop only “.exe” file.


Concrete Software is still new in the BlackBerry game market but they really need to get a move on maturing. For example offering OTA downloads would be a start. Or getting a web designer to update their copyright footer from 2005. Or even simply making the subtitle under each screenshot a larger font than the current 5pt font. (I know I am a nitpick  but check out their website if you don’t believe me)

From their website and press release:

Solitaire has always been a popular card game for mobile devices. The easy and addictive game play of solitaire make it perfect for the BlackBerry. With the new Aces Solitaire, a whole pack of solitaire games are included, including Free Cell, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, Golf, and more. The game is also full of options making it easy for customizing.

  • Includes 15 different solitaire games with options to make over 1500 variations.
  • Games include FreeCell, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, Golf, and many more!
  • Current game, session, overall, and individual game statistics.
  • Sound and vibration options.
  • Background – choose a single background or rotating backgrounds.
  • Customize backgrounds – darken backgrounds or choose any color.
  • Full animation for cards including options to increase/slow animation speed.
  • Game customizations include number of cards to draw, timer, number of deals, starting rank, cards face up, number of free cells, and many more.
  • Play with scoring on or off and timer or current time.
  • Scrolling options for speed and orientation.
  • Smart moves options – move cards automatically.
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  1. Aces Solitaire is now $9.99 and compatible with all the new BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Storm!

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