Rumors Of Microsoft Buying RIM Always Floating Around

rim.gifWhen it comes to stocks prices and buyouts I usually let my stockbroker deal with them. On the other hand when it comes to rumors of my BlackBerry being bought out by the devil Microsoft I actually try to read up on it. Rumors are once again flying around that Microsoft is looking to purchase RIM to better compete with a new Google phone. I know that Microsoft has its tail between its legs when it comes to competing with Google I still don’t see what they have to gain from buying RIM. They already have their own offering, albeit a terrible one, that people still seem to buy and use. Hopefully this buyout will never happen since no good has usually come of Microsoft purchasing another company. I would love to actually see the opposite happen. What if Google bought out RIM? Now lets not start a new rumor but personally I think some more Google on RIM love would be great!

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  1. I would think that your frist statement is false as latter comments in your post would indicate that you have the corporate intellectual ability of a child selling homemade lemonade… sweet, but utterly useless.

    How can you justify a comment that MS runs from Google? Different markets entirely, with of course the exception of the beta versions of LIVE. Although, integration of technologies and systems is a clear development for any tech firm, purchasing does bring the benefit of the value of R&D. The value of RIM is way above the $38 billion that MS has in cash/short term investments.

    Can you explain how MS purchasing other companies has damaged them? Do companies not aim for MS partnership status to give them a seal of appoval?

    Or are you just another muppet trying to seem “with it” by pretending to hate the technology that you rely upon each and every day of your life?

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