The Register Compares “BlackBerry Killers” Nokia E61i To The Motorola Q9

theregister.gifEvery week or so there comes out a new article discussing the new and improved “BlackBerry Killers.” This article at The Register is no different. The author Andrew Orlowski even starts off the article professing his hate for BlackBerry devices and the BlackBerry formfactor before even beginning his review:

For me, the BlackBerry form factor seems to be the worst of all worlds, highlighting product designers’ total lack of imagination. When the designers insist on putting keyboard and screen on the same surface they compromise both: neither the keyboard nor the screen are as good as they could be. Not to mention that these monsters are unwieldy – like putting a saucer to your head – and terminally uncool. Can you imagine anyone holding one of these up in the air at a gig to take a picture? Thought not. Then there’s the whole business of “CrackBerry addiction”…

As it is obvious that there is no lost love between Andrew and the BlackBerry it is interesting that he give the Motorola Q9 the edge over the Nokia E61i. This is the same Q9 that Wilson Rothman at Gizmodo was talking about when he said: “Seriously, if you buy this phone, you are dumb.“So I can’t help but wonder what the point of the whole comparison is when you are ignoring the big maple leaf giant in the corner, that is the BlackBerry so to speak.

Many of the features that Andrew applauds in the comparison have been available on the BlackBerry for months if not years. He talks about support for corporate email when that is the bread and butter of the BlackBerry. Tell us what you think of this comparison in the comments.

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