Gizmodo Gives WM6 & Motorola Q9m Two Thumbs Down!

q9m.jpgYou know a device is going to be bad when it get a review like this. Wilson Rothman over at Gizmodo starts the review saying “Seriously, if you buy this phone, you are dumb. I guess that puts the nail in the coffin for this next round of so called “BlackBerry Killers.” His next paragraph starts “For starters, Windows Mobile 6 is a piece of crap.” I guess BlackBerry has nothing to worry about from Windows Mobile 6. Wilson even gives up after the first few paragraphs:

I could lay into the pricing plans for this thing pretty hard, but I won’t even bother. If you buy this for $200 (online, limited time), you deserve two years of paying $80 per month for service.

Wilson goes on to rag on the lack of GPS, terrible interface, horrible connectivity options, and lack of Vcast service.

Head over to Gizmodo to read exactly how Verizon, Motorola, and Windows Mobile 6 get torn a new one.

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