Wall Street Journal Looks At Future Of BlackBerry Gaming

wallstreetjournal.gifSince we have been coving BlackBerry gaming quite a bit here at BerryReview.com I thought you guys would be interested in this article on the Wall Street Journal about the status of BlackBerry games. They start by discussing the old school BrickBreaker and move on to discuss what is coming up for BlackBerry gamers. They do fail to mention Magmic which is quite surprising since they seem to be the leader in great BlackBerry games. This quote below seems to give the main point of the article:

“Now, as the high-end market grows, game makers are realizing that business-oriented smart-phone users want games, too. Smart-phone makers are also facilitating new games by making it easier for content companies to tweak old games and build new ones for their devices.”

Personally I agree whole heartedly that BlackBerry games are only now starting to come out in the limelight. Developers such as Magmic are taking the BlackBerry gaming experience to a new level. The article does mention games by both Gameloft and EA Mobile but neither of these has as good of a catalog as Magmic. Gameloft has been promising for months to release games for the new 8100/8800/8300 devices but has failed to deliver as of now. EA mobile games does not seem to have any BlackBerry games even thought the Wall Street Journal seems to think they do. Tell us what you think.

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  1. Hi,

    This is Ryan Thompson, I was quoted in beginning of the the Wall Street Journal article you cite, Beyond BrickBreaker.

    I agree with your post as opposed to some of what the article Jessica wrote for WSJ.com. The primary source of games I get through the BlackBerry are Magmic products, in fact, that is all I have ever downloaded. Free Magmic games, the author asked me about this and I come across as a hard-core “gamer.” Not quite right. I’ll use the device for gaming if I have nothing else to read and as I travel a fair amount, I will periodically use it, but I came cross as blood, sweat, and tears… BlackBerry gamer, hardly. If I was that into gaming I’d just pick up a Nintendo Game-boy or a superior gaming device like a deck of cards. In fact, I wrote a post comparing the BlackBerry to the iPhone awhile back on my blog, Thunk Different where Blackberry’s gaming capabilities didn’t exactly capture my heart and soul.

    Check it out at:

    WebBlog: http://ThunkDifferent.com.
    Network: http://20weblogs.com

    At any rate, if you would like a clarified story on my use, it is casual, and as for gaming, XBOX 360 every now and then. With tech, mostly it’s me, my mac, and gaming takes a second seat to business, which a BlackBerry has been pretty helpful with. I’d be happy to discuss further details or go on record regarding user opinion on gadgets, media, or the web 2.0. Thanks!

    Ryan is co-founder of the 2.0 weblogs network, creative media specialist, and operates a social enterprise focused on international teacher training.

  2. It may also be worth noting that the WSJ makes mention of Glu releasing Transformers on BlackBerry. In fact, Bplay (a division of Magmic) ported it to the BlackBerry devices with permission from Glu. Glu does not allow you to choose a BlackBerry as your device on their website, so I’m inclined to think that they don’t support them as yet.


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