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Numbers Don’t Lie. BlackBerry is Far From Dead

I know I’m not the only one that’s completely fed up with so called analysts and ill-informed naysayers declaring that RIM is dead. Most either ignore the hard facts or have no idea what the actual situation is. One of the most ridiculous articles I have seen to date commenting on RIM’s downfall compares BlackBerry…


Caption This Dumb Gizmodo Article By Editor Casey Chan

Quite a few readers forwarded this latest act of rampant Apple fanboy-ism masquerading as journalism from Gizmodo. It seems like Casey Chan at Gizmodo did not have anything better to do but post this ridiculous article about the Getty Images of RIM’s CEO’s taking a picture with BlackBerry 10 devices. His article has sort of…


Scoble and Saunders are speaking different languages

This past weekend Robert Scoble posted on why he was pessimistic about the future of RIM, and was followed by a response by Alec Saunders. However it is unlikely that the two of them are going to come to much of an agreement, because they are talking about two totally separate things. Saunders’ response is…


RIM Details Their Roadmap for Code Signing – Still Seems Relatively Useless

  I have always had a huge issue with code signing for BlackBerry applications. For almost a decade code signing has been a hugely frustrating and annoying barrier to entry for new BlackBerry developers while providing marginal security improvements. Hell it used to cost $200 for code signing keys. As far as I have been…


What RIM is Up Against? (In Vino Veritas)

  I hate to categorize TechCrunch as “The Media” but RIM definitely has a perception problem/bias with some media outlets. Its almost like anything RIM does whether good or bad gets a negative spin. This was clearly made apparent in a live Ustream by Andrew Keen and Jordan Crook from TechCrunch at CES yesterday. As…


Are You a Brusque Emailer? Let Us Know Your Email Etiquette!

People tell me that I am pretty blunt via email but I consider it a form of efficiency. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when a friend sent me an article from Entrepreneur by Ross Mccammon that seemed to mirror my sentiments about email etiquette. I absolutely love his philosophy of brusque emailing and…


Love in the Time of “Anonymous High-level RIM Employees”

Every few months another “Anonymous High Level RIM Employee” seems to pick up the phone and call the BGR to share some doom or gloom. The latest entertainment comes from one of BGR’s “most trusted sources” who is also a “high-level RIM employee.” Here his some of the latest inflammatory tidbits out of this anonymous…


The Web, Not Apps, Is the Future

  Over the years since Apple started their app craze I always felt that most of these apps were poor excuses for Low-Fi website frontends. I am not talking about games but rather actual apps. This has not stopped more and more apps from being released on multiple platforms fragmenting things further and further. HTML5…

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