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BlackBerry FAQ

Two Step-By-Step Guides On How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS

Recently I have been asked about once a day by readers, friends, & family how to upgrade the OS on their BlackBerry. This is especially true now that OS 4.5 is starting to go official with more carrier releases around the corner. Instead of reinventing the wheel I thought I would point all of you…


FAQ: Activity Log – Find All Your Activity With A Contact

Kimberly just let me know about a small quick tip that I found quite useful. If you open your address book and highlight a contact. Click the menu button and select “Activity Log” from the menu. This will show you all SMS, email, & phone calls between you and that contact.  This is a bit…


FAQ: Videos Instructions Show How To Assemble & Disassemble Your BlackBerry 8100, 8300, 8700, or 8800

I just found some great instructional videos on showing how to assemble and disassemble a new model BlackBerry. There have been photo walkthroughs before but this is the first instructional video set that I have seen. Its also free which is pretty damn cool. Check out the videos at this link on Nationwide Network…


FAQ: Homescreen Shortcut Keys Guide (QWERTY Devices)

JerryD was kind enough to submit this great guide about all the Homescreen shortcuts for full keyboard BlackBerrys. With no further delay I give you JerryD: I use the BB Dimension Zen theme, and love having just the six icons down the left side (5 applications plus the Menu icon), and an unobstructed view of…


Modify Plazmic 4.5 CDK To Export To Older OS Versions

When the Plazmic 4.5 CDK was officially released many theme developers were peeved since it only allowed you to create themes for OS 4.5+. Steve just let us know that he found a simple way to modify/hack the Plazmic 4.5 CDK to allow you to export themes to older OS 4.2.1 & 4.2.2 devices. Its…


Q&A How to Backup your 3rd party applications to your PC

Ever do an OS upgrade on your BB and worry that your 3rd party applications will be forever lost if you mess up? You are in luck because there is now a way to backup all your applications to your PC from your BlackBerry. Even those applications that you have downloaded OTA (Over the air)….


SoftReset OS 4.5 Fix

I don’t know if any of you have been having problems with SoftReset since your upgrade to OS 4.5. I know I was sure bummed out when I upgraded and found out that my most commonly used application didn’t work. Stupid “Uncaught exception java.lang.Illegal Argument Exception” error! So today I ran into this post from…


FAQ: Enable BES Only Message Icon In BES 4.1.5!!!

RIM just published a knowledgebase article on how to enable the Enterprise-only message application icon in BES 4.1 Service Pack 5. This includes the SQL script you have to run to enable this feature!!! This icon filters your email to only show you your work or BES emails! Kind of like Empower’s BES mailbox. It…

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