FCC to Share 3.5GHz Band to Releive Mobile Gridlock

To ease traffic jam in the nation’s airwaves, the FCC will soon open the airwaves currently reserved for the Defense Department to civilian smartphones and tablet computers. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said at the Brookings Institution on Monday that he would ask fellow commissioners to approve the idea for a set of frequencies he called…


BBM Money Transfer Service Expanding this Year

David Proulx, senior director of BBM Business Development, dropped Store interesting details on the future of BBM. He spoke with ReCode on how BlackBerry is planning on monetizing the service without impacting current users. One of the three ways he mentioned was expanding person to person money transfers beyond Indonesia. He said that: “Because we…


Do you like playing challenging games? Check out Squiggle Racer

It is nice to see the gaming platform with BB10 keeps growing. A new addition by CS54 INC is Squiggle Racer, offers a simple UI but a challenging gaming experience. The game features several race tracks, with nice pixel art. So if you like a challenging hard game you should definitely check this one out….


Mysterious “Easter Egg” Spotted in Leaked OS 10.3 Clock App

BlackBerry has been known to hide some funny items in their BlackBerry 10 native apps. The latest was spotted by Caltrmptguy86 on CB Forums (Thx QT) in the OS 10.3 leaked Clock app. There is a PNG image file in the app directory titled Happy Easter which was just a QR code. If you scan…


Signs of 1080p Device Show Up in BlackBerry OS 10.3 Leak

More signs are pointing towards BlackBerry considering a 1080p device in the future. Bla1ze spotted1080p a bunch of 1080p assets in core apps like Box, Dropbox, Clock, and more. We have seen 1440×1440 resolution before as the Windermere and 1080p device rumors for Ontario and then Mjolnir. No word on if either is planned to…


BlackBerry OS Leaked for BlackBerry Z10

It looks like those OS 10.3 images were legit! We now have a leak of BlackBerry OS for the Z10 courtesy of BBEmpire. Expect it to be extracted and ported to more devices shortly! Download OS for BlackBerry Z10 STL 2, 3, 4


Judge Validates Two of BlackBerry’s Patents in Lawsuit Against Typo Keyboard

The drama between BlackBerry and the Typo continues with them getting in front of US District Judge William H. Orrick in San Francisco last week. The judge confirmed that two of BlackBerrys three patents asserted in the case appear to be valid. BlackBerry’s lawyer, Kevin Johnson, went on to say that Typo’s copying of BlackBerry…


US President Will Continue to Carry a BlackBerry

There were some rumors swirling around on Friday that BlackBerry was potentially losing the White House as a customer as they tested out Samsung and LG devices. Now the Washington Post is reporting that the Executive Office of the President is NOT involved in any pilot program testing non-BlackBerry devices. In short that means that…

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