Didiom Helps You Stream Music From your PC to your BlackBerry

Didiom It has been a long time since we mentioned Didiom back in early 2009 when they only supported a few devices. Gustavo let us know in the comments that we should take another look and I finally got to see it in action on a friends phone.

It looks like Didiom has finally dropped their beta tag and they claim to support all BlackBerry devices. The service lets you simply stream your music collection from your PC to your BlackBerry. You can even download tracks from your PC onto your BlackBerry’s memory card. Its really easy to setup on a PC (no Mac support) and you just tell it where you music collection resides. When you add a new song it is immediately available from the app. My friend was using it for podcasts that he downloaded through iTunes and it worked like a charm.

They claim to have a free version of the program but that limits you to playing five songs at 64k quality. If you actually want to use the service you will have to pay either $0.99/month or $9.99 a year to be able to stream unlimited 128k tracks to your phone.

Check out Didiom at www.didiom.com or at this link in App World

On the other hand with SugarSync’s new streaming music feature you can use their free 2GB plan and stream all 2GB of music to your BlackBerry free from your PC. If you have less than 2GB of music you want to stream or are willing to pony up for a higher plan for backups that might be the way to go.

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