Advanced Users: BlackBerry Engineering Screen Generators

NOTE: You can really screw up your device by messing around with options available in this screen. This is meant for those who know what they are doing and are willing to take some risks.

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We have mentioned Thyth-o-matic’s Engineering Screen Unlock Code Generator before. Back in December of 2009 Thyth was forced to take it down since RIM threatened him with copyright infringement. Since then I have been using other tools to access the Engineering Screen details but lee999 let us know that they have hosted another Engineering Screen generator website at this link. I am not sure if it is based on Thyth’s work but it works like a charm. It is written in JavaScript so you will need to have your browser enabled with JavaScript if you want to use it from your BlackBerry. Let us know if you have found other links for unlocking the engineering screen. Personally I am waiting for somebody to create a widget app that does it. 🙂

In case you didn’t catch our article about engineering screens back in May there is a hidden Engineering Screen in the BlackBerry OS. It contains a ton of options and views into what you device is doing and how it is running. The screen is definitely for the geek in some of you to see and tinker with your BlackBerry’s OS. You can see some sample data in the images above.

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  1. You guys can try this:

    This is an ES code generator running on BB itself.

    • It works…sort of. I can go into the engineering screens just fine – thank you – but Verizon still locks out the GPS from Google Maps on all 8330 Curves regardless of the settings in the engineering screens.

      Verizon needs to walk the plank for crippling such a great device. Long live the chiclet keyboard!

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