BBAssistant – Mashes A Few Features Into One App

bbassistant Stanley & Stef let me know about a relatively new BlackBerry application called BBAssistant. It looks like it has been around for awhile but this is the first I have heard of it. They seem to have a few other unknown applications so I need to do a bit of digging. BBAssistant kind of mashes together a few features you see below. Like adding to your existing address book entries. No real good way to describe it otherwise though it looks pretty cool!


BBAssistant is powerful assistant for BlackBerry, With BBAssistant you can:

  • "Add To Exist Address" menu item on phone log and message screen.
    • Show address list when use "add to exist address"
    • Show address field select dialog when use "add to exist address"
    • "Add to address book" function. you can create a new address form Phone log, Message, and the will show field select dialog(like Home, Work, Mobile, PIN etc.)
    • You can choose "Add to new field" when you contact card is full.
  • Vibrate when outgoing call was connect.
  • Set the vibrate time by yourself.
  • Get a voice notify when call was disconnect by other side.
  • User can set the voice volume.
  • You can quickly create new calendar when calling was disconnect.
  • Friendly, easy to use software designed by people for people.

It is currently available in the store for $10. It looks like there is a free trial OTA at this link but since my Berry is currently charging a dead battery I cannot confirm.

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