Pader Sync – Free FTP Client – Commercial SFTP & WebDav

The guys behind Pader Sync let me know about their line of PaderSync line of applications for BlackBerry. Back in the day when Rove offered the free Rove Mobile File Manager client we mentioned that this application was kind of redundant. Now that Rove has removed their free FTP/SFTP client then this application makes more sense. They have five different offerings.

  • PaderSyncFTP – Free FTP client for BlackBerry
  • PaderSyncSFTP – Commercial SFTP (SSH) client
  • PaderSyncSMB – Commercial SAMBA and Windows shares client
  • PaderSyncDAV – Commercial WebDAV client
  • PaderSyncFM – All of the above included into one commercial client

I still think that Rove Mobile had a better product but the dunces there yanked it… Since it is no longer available I think it is prudent to mention the alternatives. Check them out at

Difference between the clients:

Features PaderSyncFM PaderSyncFTP PaderSyncSMB PaderSyncSFTP PaderSyncDAV
FTP client X X      
SMB client X   X    
SFTP client X     X  
WebDAV client X       X
Local file system access X X X X X
HTTP proxy support X        
HTTPS proxy (tunnel) support X        
SOCKS proxy support X        
SSH gate support X        
Synchronization feature X X X X X
Scripting feature X        

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