The Weekend Roundup Part 2 – CDMA Devices

Confused? On we go deeper down the rabbit hole… Sorry for breaking up the recap but this was a logical breaking point. This first piece of news that was sent in this weekend really made me laugh.

picture-4 Tom @ BBNews managed to score some Strictly CONFIDENTIAL internal RIM documents detailing the Niagara, Jupiter, and Apex CDMA devices. Nice work Tom! I am just glad that Tom has gotten over condemning people for the detrimental effects caused by posting confidential RIM information. The leaked information details:

  • A Niagara codename device which is CDMA EVDO Rev A following up on the 8830 with a design similar to the Storm. Nice and vague. 🙂 (More on this later)
  • A Apex device which looks to be a CDMA EVDO Rev O version of the Kickstart
  • Jupiter device which looks to be a CDMA version of the upcoming GSM Javelin. (BTW the Jupiter device in the picture below looks like a Javelin…)

Confused yet? On we go…

thunder_7The BoyGenius scored some more internal confidential RIM documents detailing the Storm and a bunch of other devices. Did anybody else notice that the Niagra looks like a CDMA version of the Javelin? If so then what the hell is the Jupiter???


I highly recommend reading these talking points that the BGR scored since they have some great information.

The BoyGenius also managed to score some great powerpoint slides detailing practically everything about the 9500 & 9530 Storms. Nothing crazy new here but it is JUICY none the less.

Mike @ TBGR also managed to score how the Storm is going to solve the Copy & Paste problem that has been plaguing iPhone users. Its a simple multi-touch maneuver that sounds pretty simplistic. Check it out at this link.


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