Understanding The BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS)

RIM seem to be really on the ball with the Sept/Oct release of the BlackBerry Connection Newsletter, its just fall of articles and seems to be more than usual.  As part of this newsletter there is a two part topic with regards to the Mobile Voice System that although has been out for a while or at least had some buzz around the topic in those regions where this has had a low key footprint. The two part’s to this topic cover the solution fairly well helping you to understand what it offers, not to mention an online demo.


BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) components include:

  • BlackBerry® MVS Services
    BlackBerry MVS Services are a component of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software┼ that is designed to provide voice management and security functionality, including IT policies, call control signaling and authentication between BlackBerry® smartphones and the corporate telecom environment.
  • BlackBerry® MVS Client
    BlackBerry MVS Client software adds desk phone features to BlackBerry smartphones. This software is a free download and can be installed over-the-air to BlackBerry smartphone users.╬
  • Ascendent® Voice Mobility Suite
    Ascendent Voice Mobility Suite is third party software—provided by Ascendent Systems‡—that interfaces with heterogeneous PBXs and BlackBerry Enterprise Server to enable enterprise voice mobility.

      ┼ BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1.4 or greater.
      ╬ BlackBerry® Device Software v4.2.1 or greater is required.
      ‡ Ascendent Voice Mobility Suite v4.5.


You can find more in the two newsletters at the below links:

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Part I

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Part II

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