Wordcaster – Another Word Munching Game

Mike just let me know that NikelBuddy has released Wordcaster for BlackBerry. You essentially connect adjacent letters on the board and spell words to keep the red hot tiles from hitting the ground. Sound familiar? I thought so too. It looks like Wordcaster is almost an exact replica of Bookworm which won our Editors Choice Award. I am not sure which one came first and that is irrelevant to me. This would normally not be that bad of a business idea but the problem is that they are charging $9.99 for Wordcaster while Bookworm is still $7.99 from Bplay…

wcRink2 bookworm_26

So if you were finding Bookworm too challenging this might be an alternative. The only real difference I could see was that in Bookworm there are 7-8 letters in each column and 7 in each row while Wordcaster has 6 letters in each column and 6 in each row… Maybe Wordcaster is harder?

If you are interested you can pick up a copy of Wordcaster for $9.99 in the store. There is a free trial available which is a definite plus in my book!

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