BlackBerry OS 4.5 Screenshots – Part IV – Slideshow To Go

The counterpart of Word To Go which we covered earlier is the Slideshow To Go application. This allows you to view and marginally edit slideshows. Once again for any serious control you will need to pony up for the premium version. Here you can see the powerpoint sample file I tried.


Opened like a charm and looks damn good! You will see a progress bar on the bottom of the page as each slide is opened. Not the quickest in the world but it works.


I took a screenshot of the menu options below. Notice the asterisks again. Those are premium only. You can open and edit a slide but only from the outline. You cannot add notes or insert anything unless you get the premium version.


In the edit area you bring up the outline and you can edit from there. Your screwed if the powerpoint does not have a decent outline and you wish to edit it.


You can also reorder the slides in an annoying one line at a time fashion.


Last but not least you can email the attachment without it being in some screwy proprietary format.


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