OtterBox Breaks into the Medical Scene

main_yellow_021.jpgOtterBox have just put out a press release regarding their range of cases for BlackBerry products. It is more or a ‘case study ‘ (pun intended) of feedback from a customer in the medical industry. I’m sure the OtterBox has been used before now in hospitals and medical institutions but in this case, the customer has taken the time to sit down and put pen to paper and write about her experience.

I still use mine every day in the construction industry and still have no issues with it. Sure, it doesn’t look as bright and shiny as when I first received it but it has not missed a beat and put up with everything I have thrown at it.

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800x600_tablet2.jpgAdvancing Patient Care: OtterBox BlackBerry Protection
Fort Collins, COLO.—As a Certified Nursing Assistant in Colorado, Addie Seely works in a busy, constantly changing environment. Whether she’s scheduled in labor and delivery, the nursery, NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) or Postpartum, she’s always on-the-go and with help from her BlackBerry® 8800 smartphone, she can always be in touch too!

Medical professionals worldwide have experienced the benefits of BlackBerry smartphones —with access to emails and patient files, mobile devices improve communication and enhance patient care. Unfortunately, hospital environments are no place for a delicate device that can easily be dropped, scratched or worse, so Seely protects her BlackBerry 8800 smartphone with the OtterBox 1933. This sleek, slim fit case allows her to conveniently carry her phone while fully protecting it from her surroundings.

“I’m constantly moving,” explains Seely, “Babies come when they want and sometimes it’s very busy, there’s always something to do. With the OtterBox 1933, I don’t have to worry about damaging my BlackBerry on the job, I know it’s always safe and protected.”

The OtterBox 1933 allows complete usability of the trackball and offers durable bump, scratch and drop protection. It also has three distinct layers:
Layer 1: Slide on the thermal formed protective clear membrane to safeguard screen and keyboard against scratching as well as dust, dirt and other elements* (layer is optional depending on the level of ruggedization desired)
Layer 2: Snap together the hi-impact polycarbonate shell
Layer 3: Wrap the silicone skin over the device to absorb bump and shock (silicone includes innovative retaining features to hold it in place)
Layer 1, 2 and 3 can all be sanitized and layer 1 can even be replaced to prevent the spread of germs, something Seely is extremely thankful for, especially during flu season.

“My responsibilities include taking vitals of moms and babies, setting up charts, taking newborns to the nursery, helping moms get up after labor and teaching them how to take care of themselves and an emergency can happen at any time, it’s great to be able to call for backup,” said Seely. “My BlackBerry and OtterBox solution is a personal security device and if I need something or someone needs me it’s just a phone call away.”

The medical industry is relying more and more on these devices every year, especially expanding hospitals, it’s easier to find people and keep in touch when you can simply give them a call. At Seely’s hospital, at least 2-3 devices are ruined every month and staff has to wait for a new one to be sent out. It is a costly investment and leaves them out of touch while waiting on a replacement.

“One evening while I was charting, I set my BlackBerry down on the counter next to me and another nurse came by and accidentally bumped it off with her elbow. The phone fell, bounced a few times and came to rest upside down. I picked it up thinking the worst, but the phone and case looked as good as new! I am not sure what would have happened if it wasn’t in the OtterBox,” explains Seely.

“I would recommend OtterBox to doctors, nurses, helicopter and ambulance staff and those working in the ER,” said Seely. “Technology is used in the field every day and having protection for these devices to prevent replacements is vital.”

OtterBox offers cases for the BlackBerry 8800, the BlackBerry® Curve™, and the BlackBerry ® Pearl™ series smartphones. Other cases are offered for laptops, iPods, PDAs, Tablet PCs and more. For additional information visit or call 888-695-8820.

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