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    Ever since I have owned a smartphone, I have longed for a product that would allow me to keep track of my vehicle expenditure. Well, I’ve found one…And it has been worth the wait.

    I am awarding this product an Editors Choice Award. It is, by far, one of the best purpose built applications I have ever used. If you don’t own a car, go out and buy one just so you can use this program… For the full review, just hit the JUMP

    TrackIT : Vehicle Edition has every foreseeable feature you could ever wish for in a Vehicle log program. You can even input multiple vehicles and have a separate log book for each. Setup is easy and details can be as vague or as detailed as you wish.

    Features Include:

    • 4 Main Criteria :
    • Mileage
    • Fuel
    • Expenses
    • Maintenance
    • Vehicle Setup :
    • Multiple Vehicle Entries
    • Purchase Info
    • Loan Info
    • Insurance Info
    • Features Setup :
    • Reports and Graphs
    • Export Data
    • Color Schemes

    Each time you fuel up, just input the information on your BlackBerry. (I find the easiest way is just staight off your receipt as they usually have all the quantity and pricing). Any other expenses such as servicing and maintenance can also be entered into their relevant sections. Any business related single trips can be inputted to their relevant section to create an entire vehicle database.

    I find the secret with good book-keeping is to input the information as soon as you get it. Most of us will always have our BlackBerries with us whilst in the car so why not use it to collect and store all that trip information that is usually just scribbled in an old beaten up notebook.
    Another great feature is the graphing utility. Each of the main criteria sections have a graph application which graphs all of your inputted information on a great little line graph. You also have a section with a summary of each of the main features as well. This includes helpful information such as over-all mileage, average fuel price and total cost. A great little application if you need to see your overall at a quick glance.
    Conclusion :
    I gave trackIT : Vehicle Edition 9 ½ stars because, well I don’t do perfect scores, and because of the price. It is a bit expensive but for what you are getting, it is well worth it.
    And you can finally confirm what you already know, cars are getting more expersive to run !
    They is a trial version available so what have you got to loose. Try before you buy is always helpful when reviewing as you are sort of backed up by the company and don’t have to worry about giving people the wrong impression…

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    1. I had this on my Dell Axim and loved it. Hope to try this one out soon.

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