Crunch Time For My Mercedes…

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I can hear you all now…HaHaHa… If you have read my past articles you would know that one thing I do (That I probably shouldn’t!), is read and write emails on my Curve whilst driving…Well a couple of days after Christmas, I found out why we should listen to the authorities sometimes.

While I was driving, somebody (I think it was my Editor!) decided to email me. Being my usual over-cocky self, I read the email whilst still doing around 50 (Kp/h not Mp/h !). As I was reading, the inconsiderate driver 🙂 in front of me decided to do a right hand turn. As I was not paying attention to my driving, my Mercedes Vito van became part of a Hyundai Excel. Fortunately nobody was hurt and the airbags in my van didn’t deploy (so I didn’t get my Curve forced down my throat).

Damage was very minor to both vehicles (nothing that can’t be fixed by a medium weight hammer!). “Well ?” you ask, have I learned anything???…YES ! Since then…and forever more, I will be pulling over to the shoulder or just simply waiting until I get to where I am going before checking any email or SMS.

So I suppose there is a lesson to be learned here (and learning by other peoples mistakes is a heap cheaper!). The lesson is… The World Can Wait!…It doesn’t matter if you are missed for just a few minutes. It’s better than being missed by your loved ones for the rest of their lives!


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  1. Indeed!
    Congratulations 😉

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