BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Version 2.4 Feature List

While there are no hard details on when carriers will be launching the new BIS 2.4 there are two new knowledge base articles on that explain a few of the new features in BIS 2.4.

The first one: New features in BlackBerry Internet Service 2.4

Automatic login (new BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers only)

New subscribers can create their BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry® Mail 2.4 accounts on their BlackBerry devices without having to create a login user name and password. For more information on Automatic login, see KB13955.

Branded icons for hosted domains

BlackBerry Internet Service 2.4 supports branded mailbox icons for hosted domains on the Homes screen of BlackBerry device. This feature requires that BlackBerry® Device Software 4.2.1 or later be installed on the BlackBerry device and that the organization’s wireless service provider have an existing relationship with Research In Motion.

The second: What is auto-aging in BlackBerry Internet Service 2.4

BlackBerry Internet Service 2.4 subscribers using a hosted BlackBerry Internet Service email address (for example, <user_name>@<service_provider> do not have a fixed size restriction on their BlackBerry Internet Service accounts. However, email messages older than 30 days are automatically deleted from the messaging server (auto-aged) on the 31st day.

For example, during a 30-day period, the BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber may receive an unlimited number of email messages that may total 100MB but, on the 31st day, messages older then 30 days are automatically deleted. This prevents BlackBerry Internet Service accounts from becoming full and the BlackBerry Internet Service subscriber from receiving a mailbox quota-limit email message.

This is by design and does not apply to third-party email accounts integrated into the BlackBerry Internet Service account.

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