BlackBerry To Blame For Bad Memory Skills?

clairepress.jpgClair Beaulne of the Canadian Press has an interesting article on how BlackBerry and other mobile devices are allowing our brain skill to rust. I have to agree with her on the point of memorization loss. I don’t memorize any numbers now that I have my BlackBerry since I can’t remember the last time I had to dial a number manually without looking up my BlackBerry address book. She dares people to try ditching speed dial and memorizing your most important phone numbers. I disagree with her claim that “The 20 people you call all the time, you would be even faster if you knew their numbers by heart” since calls from my BlackBerry address book are blazing fast =). On the other hand I think she has a point when she says:

“The convenience of having everyone a button away on a BlackBerry or other PDA device may have a negative impact on your brain.”

Click this link and read on to get some good memorization techniques that may let your brain replace your BlackBerry =)

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