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BlackBerry Wants Devs To Hook Into BlackBerry ID Service – Multiple Device Support?

  I was really excited when I saw BlackBerry add the BlackBerry Identity Service Library in OS 10.2. At launch this only supports BlackBerry ID but in the future it will support multiple identities and allow developers to easily hook into them. Currently developers can use your BlackBerry ID to automatically log you into their…


Long Running Headless Apps Now Require BlackBerry OS 10.2.1!?!

This is starting to get ridiculous. Since BlackBerry 10 launched I have been hearing complaints from developers and users about the lack of being able to run apps in the background without active frames. Now we are tens of OS releases later with multiple public rollouts and we still do not have this critical feature….


BlackBerry Publishes Fully Baked Sample Apps & Built for BlackBerry Boilerplate Samples for Developers

It seems like BlackBerry is finally getting the feedback I have been giving them for awhile. Paul on the BlackBerry DevBlog announced the release of Cloudy Pics which is the first of what they are calling Showcase Sample Apps. In other words these are not the one trick sample apps BlackBerry has given us in…


iGrann Will Bring a Native Instagram Client to BlackBerry 10

We have all been patiently waiting for Instagram to give us a native client, so we can eliminate sideloading the Android ports.  But, that is a far cry from reality.  Well today Gaspertrix posted a post on the CrackBerry forums, stating that he is working on a native Instagram client for the BlackBerry 10 platform…


WordPress Native Client Comes to BlackBerry 10 in Beta Form

If you use WordPress and have a BlackBerry 10 phone, this should make you happy! Many of us have been using the updated Android port to make due so far on BlackBerry 10, but this weekend WordPress has released a beta.  It is very similar to the other clients we use, with no new added…


BlackBerry World Removes Support for Developers Charging For Upgrades

I just heard from one of our developer friends that BlackBerry has emailed devs about a change to their paid upgrade policy. BlackBerry used to allow developers to charge for certain upgrades. For example, if you upgrade from Widgets 1.0 to Widgets 2.0 they could charge you an upgrade fee. Now BlackBerry has removed that…


Developers Check Out BlackBerry Jam Starter Sessions in Washington, Austin, & Atlanta

BlackBerry is trying something new with BlackBerry Jam Starter Sessions in three US universities. They are going around to these universities and offering a one day program to teach you about coding, app building, and BlackBerry World submissions. They are still touting that 120,000 app number but that does not diminish the usefulness of working…


BlackBerry Developer OS Beta Released (Crippled OS)

BlackBerry has finally gotten around to updating the developer SDK OS build for OS 10.2. This time we have OS beta for developers. Keep in mind this is a crippled OS that is not meant for day to day use. I have no idea why BlackBerry bothers crippling it especially since there are leaks…

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