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Developers Check Out BlackBerry Jam Starter Sessions in Washington, Austin, & Atlanta

BlackBerry is trying something new with BlackBerry Jam Starter Sessions in three US universities. They are going around to these universities and offering a one day program to teach you about coding, app building, and BlackBerry World submissions. They are still touting that 120,000 app number but that does not diminish the usefulness of working…


BlackBerry Developer OS Beta Released (Crippled OS)

BlackBerry has finally gotten around to updating the developer SDK OS build for OS 10.2. This time we have OS beta for developers. Keep in mind this is a crippled OS that is not meant for day to day use. I have no idea why BlackBerry bothers crippling it especially since there are leaks…


BlackBerry Giving Next 250 Qualified Built for BlackBerry Apps a Red BlackBerry Z10

  You know those awesome red limited edition BlackBerry Z10 models? I wish I had a red Q10 but either way BlackBerry is giving away a few more. Now that they have revamped the Built for BlackBerry program for developers they announced that they are giving away 250 devices to devs that qualify under the…


BlackBerry Gives the Built for BlackBerry Program an Update

  I have been hearing from a number of BlackBerry developers about BlackBerry diluting the meaning of their “Built for BlackBerry” stamp. BlackBerry has been pushing the designation to differentiate good apps from the tens of thousands of crap apps in BlackBerry World. Its a noble idea and hopefully BlackBerry makes sure the bar stays…


Unlocked Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10 Appears Online

So, one of the biggest things that helps us love our BlackBerry 10 devices, is the Android runtime that is baked in.  It allows us to use converted Android apps, but there has always been a drawback.  BlackBerry has set limitations to how the runtime worked, or which apps it would let us use and…


ONE App Developer Responsible for 47,000+ Apps in BlackBerry World?

Some of you may have noticed that a few developers have been exploiting the free submission of apps to BlackBerry World and using it as a promotional tool. @gpheheise pointed out to me that the worst offender by far is S4BB. As of this article BlackBerry World is reporting that S4BB has over 47,000+ Apps…


V-Play Game Engine Brings More Crossplatform Gaming to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry just got another cross platform gaming engine to come on board for BlackBerry 10. The Vienna-based V-Play GmbH announced that their latest v1.4 version of their V-Play game engine is now available for BlackBerry 10. That means all of the games built on the engine can also easily be brought over. Like other engines…


Hub Integrated & Headless Apps Revealed in 10.2 SDK – Developers Must Apply for Access

Two of the features I have been really waiting for developers to get their hands on is headless apps and BlackBerry Hub integration. Both of them have been revealed in BlackBerry 10.2 though a few developers have been granted access to them in earlier OS builds. Now BlackBerry is asking developers to apply for access…

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