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4G BlackBerry PlayBook Pics Leak With Launch Coming Soon

PlayBook 4G Fr 

You can see that RIM is starting to spread the first wave of 4G BlackBerry PlayBook’s to carrier partners. A few sources this week have scored some pictures and screenshots of the 4G/3G PlayBook live though they don’t really show anything more. Sadly reports are saying that it does not have BBM natively though they do say the 1.5Ghz processor is “snappier” and packing NFC.

PlayBook 4G Fr2 PlayBook 4G Fr3

PlayBook 4G device PlayBook 4G device2

PlayBook 4G device3 PlayBook 4G device4

PlayBook 4G device5

via BlackBerry-FR & N4BB

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  1. I REALLY think it is a mistake for them to release this. They should concentrate everything they have unto polishing BB10 and their new devices, releasing this and the new ones side by side.

    Right now, doing this release, it’s only giving media the idea of another incomplete product.

  2. Because QNX and BB10 are one in the same – this is likely more of a test of the 4G with the OS inm preperation for BB10 phones.

    Playbook has always been the proving ground for BB10, this is no different.

  3. If this is coming with PB OS2.1 and not BB10 then is has fail written all over it. What would compel someone to buy this over the iPad, Kindel Fire, Nook Tablet, Nexus 7, SurfaceRT, or the slew of other android tablet devices that are available? A waist of resources from a company that can’t afford to waist resources.

  4. The difference between RIM and the competition is that RIM will be upgrading their OS from 2.1 to BB10 to whatever comes later without having to upgrade your tablet versus Android where you are forced to upgrade to be able to get the new OS. (I know SOME are upgradeable)

  5. I’ll take one thanks, and one for the lady!

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