Test Out Apple’s Antennagate Claims Using The Free Antenna Meter App

Antenna Meter RIM was pissed that Apple tried to drag them into the whole Antennagate issue that Steve Jobs has been trying to explain away. In case you have been living under a rock Steve claims that all phones suffer from the same death grip signal loss issue like the iPhone 4. I have tried testing it myself and I can barely get it to drop one bar.

Xtreme Labs wanted to make it even easier for you to try and replicate Apple’s claims and see for yourself. BBCool noticed that Xtreme Labs released a free Antenna Meter app for BlackBerry so you can clearly see if holding your BlackBerry causes signal issues.

Features include:

  • Autosampling of your antenna signal strength every second
  • Numerical representation of signal strength in dBm
  • Visual representation of signal strength showing signal bars
  • Poll users to see what their experience was

You can pick up the app free OTA at http://bit.ly/bPehjx.

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