RIM Lets Us Know How Many Contacts/Friends Are TOO MANY in Google Talk

Group of smiling friends standing against white background with Santa Claus Peter pointed out this interesting bit to me yesterday. If you are a regular Google user you will notice that everybody you email a few times shows up in your contacts. This contact list is stored by Google automatically and it makes it a bit unwieldy to maintain.

It turns out that RIM actually set a hard limit on how many contacts/friends you can have if you want to use Google Talk for BlackBerry. The total number of contacts in your friends and “unsubscribed” list must be lower than the 600-700 range. Otherwise you will get the pretty error message “The maximum number of friends has been reached” and it will not let you login to Google Talk from your BlackBerry. This means that all the contacts that Gmail adds automatically are counted against this total since they are counted as “Unsubscribed” contacts.

So what is RIM’s proposed solution? Login to your Gmail account from your PC and delete non-essential contacts… LAME!

Not that I am anywhere near 600 but who do you consider non-essential?

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  1. Simple anyone I wouldn’t use google talk, and you can set up chat settings so that only people you explicitly list as chat then they appear in your list

  2. I agree Albert. Simple setting adjustment will resolve.

    Ronen – dude has anyone let you know how slow the site has been lately? normal every now and then, but for the most part extremely slow. (I’ve tried it from at least 5 working locations – all high speed connections)

  3. Also a while back, gmail changed it so u can go into Settings and change it so everyone you exchange emails with shows up on your All Contacts list, rather than your My Contacts list, which would solve the issue w Google Talk. You can then move the contacts you want over to My Contacts manually.

  4. Seriously…Who has the need to have over 700 Google Chat contacts anyways?
    I am surprised they let you go to 700 and don’t limit it at like 50.

  5. I have about 400+ I think, still, I don’t get any error messages, I simply can’t invite anymore…
    Really lame, limits suck.

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